This has never happened in history: Ukraine has lost a record amount of power generation

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How much power generation has Ukraine lost
How much power generation has Ukraine lost. Source: "Ukrenergo

Ukraine lost more than 40 GW of power generation due to the occupation and destruction during the war, which poses a serious threat to the country's energy security. Particularly large losses occurred due to attacks on thermal and hydropower generation in 2024.

Yasno CEO Serhii Kovalenko told The Page in an interview. According to Kovalenko, Ukraine's power system has gone through three phases of destruction:

  • The first phase: at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, when Zaporizhzhia NPP was occupied and part of the wind and solar generation was lost;
  • The second phase: began in October 2022, when Russian troops began attacking Ukrenergo's transformer units, distribution networks, and local power plants;
  • The third phase: began in late March 2024, when the attacks targeted thermal and hydroelectric generation.

"Speaking about this last phase, at the time we are recording the interview, we have lost, according to the public figure, which I agree with, 9 GW. This figure of 9 GW is heard because it is comparable to about 50% of our current winter peak consumption. In general, we have lost more than 40 GW, and these are terrible figures," Kovalenko said.

Comparison with the winter consumption peak

Earlier, DTEK's CEO Dmytro Sakharuk said that Ukraine's power system had lost 9 GW of capacity, which is about half of the peak electricity consumption in winter. "The Ukrainian energy sector has lost 9 GW of installed capacity. This is about half of what we will need in winter. Last winter, we had a maximum of 18 GW. That is, the losses are very significant. And by the nature of the destruction we have now, this is, of course, an unprecedented story," said Sakharuk.

He also added that never in history has such a significant amount of thermal and hydroelectric power plant capacity been lost. The loss of more than 40 GW of power generation is unprecedented and has serious consequences for Ukraine's energy security.

As OBOZ.UA reported earlier, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine emphasized that it is too early to say that there will be long blackouts in our country in winter. They noted that the situation can change every day.

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