The harvest will be three times bigger: how to fertilize potatoes before flowering

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Timely fertilization will guarantee a bountiful harvest. Just a few fertilizations a year will significantly increase fertility, increase the size of tubers, and improve plant immunity.

Experienced gardeners note that zinc and boron are needed to improve the taste of potatoes, and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are needed to gain weight. OBOZ.UA figured out how to fertilize potatoes before flowering.

When to fertilize potatoes

The first application of fertilizer can be done immediately after the emergence of young seedlings, and the next – before flowering. In general, 3-4 fertilizations per season are enough to improve fertility.

There are several ways to apply fertilizer. You can sprinkle the beds and combine fertilizing with hilling, or spray the bushes with a liquid fertilizer.

Compost and humus

Compost and humus will saturate the soil with nitrogen, calcium, and potassium. To increase the beneficial properties, add some peat or chicken manure to the compost.

When young shoots appear, you can feed the tops with a mullein solution at the rate of 1 liter of fresh manure per 10 liters of water. The solution should be poured between the rows of potatoes.


A universal fertilizer can be prepared by mixing 1 cup of ash and 10 liters of warm water. The solution should be left for at least a day. Water at the rate of 1 mug per bush. Ash contains trace elements necessary for potatoes and increases the overall resistance to pests and diseases.

Yeast fertilization

Experienced gardeners also advise trying a yeast solution. It is better to apply it twice: before flowering and about a month before digging. Mix 10 g of dry yeast, 50 g of sugar, and 10 liters of water. After insisting (at least a day), dilute the solution with clean water in a ratio of 1:5.

Mineral fertilizers

Mineral fertilizers contain all the trace elements necessary for potatoes. They are easily and quickly absorbed into the root. Experts advise choosing a product based on the stage of plant development. Nitrogen is added to accelerate growth, then phosphorus to increase tuber weight, and potassium can be added for longer storage before digging.

Fertilizing at different stages

Fertilization depends on the stage of tuber development:

  • after emergence – urea, ammonium nitrate, potassium sulfate, and boric acid are suitable;
  • during budding – it is better to apply superphosphate, phosphate rock, bone meal, humic acid;
  • during and after flowering – potassium carbonate, potassium sulfate, and potassium sulfate will be useful.

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