Tent paradise: locations in Ukraine worth visiting in early summer

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Where to relax in tents

The winter months, like the frosty days, are behind us. The sun is getting closer and we are gradually pulling out light clothes from the far shelves of our closets. At this time, people, like bears after hibernation, are eager to leave their homes and get outdoors. We will tell you what places you should definitely visit.


A flooded village in Ukraine. An amazing land covering an area of 1590 hectares. Meteorologists compare the local microclimate to Yalta's, while the green slopes resemble the landscapes of Norway.

A car trip from Lviv takes about 6 hours, from Kyiv - 7. There is a bus from Khmelnytskyi to the neighboring villages of Horaivka and Stara Ushytsia. The rest is on foot. You will have to cover about 16 kilometers.

Tent paradise: locations in Ukraine worth visiting in early summer

Shatsky Lakes

The natural complex is located in Volyn. Its territory is home to many representatives of flora and fauna, some of which are listed in the Red Book. Here, tourists will find sunny beaches, as well as enjoy fishing and kayaking. Some campsites have free showers and toilets.

Tent paradise: locations in Ukraine worth visiting in early summer

Buky canyon

It is located in the Uman district of the Cherkasy region. The rocks are up to 30 meters high and 100 meters wide. Waterfalls, caves and springs are scattered here. Most people come here to get acquainted with the rich flora and fauna. There are several campsites and estates on the territory.

You can get there by bus from Zhashkiv or Cherkasy.

Tent paradise: locations in Ukraine worth visiting in early summer

Blue Lakes

The artificial reservoirs are located 4 kilometers west of the city of Slavuta. They were formed on the territory of sand quarries. It is a great place for fishing, as pike, crucian carp, perch, carp and crayfish are found here.

Tent paradise: locations in Ukraine worth visiting in early summer

Peaks of Transcarpathia

Most often, travelers choose hiking in the mountains. They give them a feeling of freedom, liberty and lightness. Incredible landscapes that seem to have come from the paintings of famous artists.

  • Hoverla is the highest point in Ukraine. It is better to stay overnight on the hills or at the foot, closer to the forest and springs.
  • Pip Ivan boasts rocky slopes and ponds. By the way, this is the territory of a national nature park.
  • Petros is a peak chosen by tourists to climb at dawn.
  • Synyak is the easiest to get to. It is known for its amazing landscapes and thickets. It is worth visiting to pick mushrooms and berries.
  • Gemba's top has the shape of a curved crescent. It is famous for its blueberry meadows.

How to prepare for the hike:

Route. Choose the one that matches your experience and physical fitness. It is important to know your capabilities because some paths may seem more difficult than others. Make sure that it is allowed to set up a tent in the places you plan to visit. Learn more about the location before you go. This will help you better prepare for possible dangers. For example, to overcome the difficulties of the trail or avoid wild animals.

Equipment. The tent should be suitable for the number of people going and weather conditions. Take a warm sleeping bag because the temperature is much lower at night. Don't forget to bring a tourist mat. It will provide comfort during sleep and also protect you from cold and hard ground.

Give preference to mountaineering backpacks. They are made of high-strength materials that are highly resistant to punctures and tears. They also have a specially designed load-bearing system to distribute the weight evenly. Also, don't forget about a raincoat, a hat, and waterproof shoes.

Take a first aid kit with the necessary medicines and enough food. The food should be easy to digest. For example, energy bars, nuts, dried fruits, snacks, dry soups and cereals.

You will also need utensils, a pot and a burner. A map,a compass, and a GPS navigator will also come in handy. Before you set off, let your family know where you are going and when you are expected to return.

Tent paradise: locations in Ukraine worth visiting in early summer

Who will enjoy this type of vacation:

  • lovers of nature and active weekends;
  • travelers with a limited budget as it is much cheaper than a night in a hotel;
  • families with children who want to spend time outdoors;
  • those who are fond of the history and traditions of the Carpathians;
  • those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Plan a date in your calendar, prepare a list of necessary things, and invite your friends. Let's go for an unforgettable experience!

Important! Take care of the environment and leave your place of stay clean.

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