Student's Day: when it is celebrated in Ukraine, tragic history and traditions of the holiday

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Student's Day

World Student's Day is celebrated on November 17, an international holiday established in Ukraine by President Leonid Kuchma's decree in 1999. Despite the positive attitude to this day, the holiday has a tragic history.

OBOZ.UA learned about the events and traditions of the holiday. This date appeared during the Second World War.

OnOctober 28, 1939, students and teachers demonstrated in honor of the 21st anniversary of Czechoslovakia. The German occupiers began shooting at people, and one medical student was killed.

The funeral was scheduled for November 15, and mass protests began that day. On November 17, the Nazis arrested more than 1,000 people from student dormitories and sent them to a concentration camp, and executed nine.

It was in honor of these events and to commemorate the memory of young people that the World Congress recognized November 17 as Students' Day.


On this day in Ukraine, universities hold various cultural events, competitions, seminars, and lectures. Young people gather in large groups and throw parties to celebrate. Some educational institutions may even shorten classes and let students leave early.

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