Ryanair, Turkish Airlines and others are ready to fly to Ukraine: when it will happen

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Ryanair, Turkish Airlines and others are ready to fly to Ukraine: when it will happen

A number of large airlines are ready to return to the Ukrainian market, both low-cost and regular ones. Although this will only be possible after the war, it may not take long to resume flights through Boryspil, the country's largest airport, as carriers are "very interested in operating in Ukraine.

This was stated by the airport's CEO Oleksiy Dubrevsky, according to TSN. He noted that the carriers' readiness to return is not theoretical, but actual, as many have already openly stated this.

"Some airlines have announced their intention to return to the Ukrainian air transportation market. This indicates a potential readiness to resume flights to Ukraine and contribute to the development of the country's aviation sector," said Dubrevsky.

Which companies are ready to fly to Ukraine

According to Dubrevskyi, both low-cost airlines and large airlines have publicly declared their readiness to operate in Ukraine. In particular:

  • Ryanair (Ireland);
  • LOT (Poland);
  • Turkish Airlines (Turkey);
  • Air Baltic (Latvia);
  • SkyUp (Ukraine);
  • Lufthansa (Germany).

High interest in working in the Ukrainian market

In general, Dubrevskyi emphasized that Boryspil Airport could resume operations after the war is over relatively quickly. At the same time, "in negotiations and business meetings with European carriers, there is a great interest in flights to Ukraine."

Moreover, he noted, this interest "covers different segments". In particular:

  • participation in the return of Ukrainian refugees;
  • cargo transportation;
  • meeting the demand for charter flights.

"The interest of foreigners in Ukraine as a country of heroes is also important. This will really contribute to the development of tourism," Dubrevskyi summarized.

When air travel will be allowed in Ukraine

However, there is no approximate timeframe for the resumption of air travel in Ukraine. The spokesperson for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuriy Ihnat, has previously made it clear that the only condition for this is that the military has all the necessary means to protect the sky.

He explained that currently all Ukrainian airfields are "operational". And they are all under the control of the military.

"We need to understand what kind of security or danger exists. If the enemy realizes that there is a functioning airport in Ukraine, it will see it as a potential target," Ihnat stated.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, earlier in Ukraine there was talk of the possible reopening of some airports. We looked into how realistic it is.

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