Russians may be involved in the murder of a young Ukrainian woman in Germany and the abduction of her child: details emerge

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A couple of Russians are suspected of murdering a refugee from Ukraine

Russian citizens may be involved in the murder of 27-year-old Ukrainian refugee Marharyta Razaz in Germany. Law enforcement officials suspect a couple of Russians of the crime, who were in possession of the victim's stolen newborn child.

This was reported by OE24. The 51-year-old mother of the deceased is still wanted.

Police have confirmed that 27-year-old Marharyta from Ukraine, who was staying in the refugee shelter with her mother and her five-week-old daughter, died as a result of a violent death. Her mother and young daughter Mia also disappeared. However, law enforcement agencies managed to quickly find the child.

The child was found in the care of two Russian citizens, a woman and a man aged 43 and 44 respectively. Both Russians were detained and are being held in custody.

Marharyta, her daughter, and mother Maryna were last seen in a local restaurant, where the Ukrainian family met with an unknown woman who offered to help them with German refugee documents.

Marharyta, 27, arrived in Germany with her mother from Slovakia. After the move, they lived in a refugee shelter in Mannheim, Germany.

The search for 51-year-old Maryna is still ongoing. Journalists suggest that the Russian couple could have killed 27-year-old Marharyta and her mother, presumably to organize the abduction of the five-week-old girl.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, the child of the murdered Ukrainian woman Marharyta Razaz was found alive in Germany. The baby, who was born only a few weeks ago, was under the "supervision" of a man and a woman.

Earlier it was reported that in the German city of Hockenheim (Baden-Württemberg), a 27-year-old refugee from Ukraine named Ryta, who was previously considered missing, was found dead. The girl's body with traces of violence was found on the banks of the Rhine by a passerby.

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