Russia had an "explosive night": SBU and GUR work on enemy's military airfield, oil refinery and power substation

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Fires after arrivals in Volgograd and Rostov regions

On the night of July 9, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine conducted a successful operation to destroy military targets in Russia. The military airfield Akhtubinsk in the Astrakhan region was hit.

The "cotton" also blossomed at a 500 kV power substation in the Rostov region and an oil depot in Kalach-on-Don in the Volgograd region. This was reported to OBOZ.UA by sources.

"Thanks to a joint operation of the SBU and the DIU, cotton has blossomed at the Akhtubinsk military airfield in Astrakhan region, at a 500 kV power substation in Rostov region, and at an oil tank farm in Kalach-on-Don in Volgograd region," the source said.

Earlier, videos of the aftermath of the attack in Rostov and Volgograd regions of Russia were posted online.

OBOZ.UA's source also noted that during the UAV attack on the Akhtubinsk military airfield, the Russian public channels wrote about the operation of the Pantsyr air defense system and a series of strong explosions.

However, propagandists later deleted these reports. This, according to the source, indicates a successful attack, as the practice of "clearing" the information space after the defeat of important military facilities in Russia is widely practiced by the authorities of the aggressor state.

The Akhtubinsk air base of the occupation forces in the Astrakhan region is located 2 km from the northeastern outskirts of the city of the same name. The airfield belongs to the 929th State Flight Test Center of the Russian Defense Ministry named after V.P. Chkalov. It is used for testing and training flights of military aircraft. The largest airfield in Russia, Groshevo (Volodymyrivka), is located 20 km from the airfield.

The invaders used the Akhtubinsk airfield for attacks on the territory of Ukraine.

Russia had an ''explosive night'': SBU and GUR work on enemy's military airfield, oil refinery and power substation

It is noteworthy that almost exactly a month ago, on June 8 this year, this air base, located 589 km from the front line, was already under attack. Then, according to the DIU, several drones flew to the airfield, and it was reported that it was the first time a fifth-generation Russian Su-57 fighter jet was hit.

"The SBU, together with the DIU and other defense forces, will continue to ensure hot summer nights at Russian military facilities working for the war against Ukraine. The enemy will pay for all its inhuman crimes," the source said.

On the morning of July 9, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Ukrainian drones had attacked six regions of Russia: They reported the "destruction and interception" of 38 drones.

Russia had an ''explosive night'': SBU and GUR work on enemy's military airfield, oil refinery and power substation

As a reminder, on the night of July 9, it became known that unknown good drones attacked the Volgograd region of Russia: After that, a fire broke out on the territory of the refinery.

In addition, UAVs attacked the Rostov region of Russia. A power substation caught fire there as a result of an arrival.

According to Russian media, explosions during the air raid were also heard in Belgorod, and thick smoke rose over the city.

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