Russia attacks power substations in Ukraine twice, damaging equipment: in what regions there are forced blackout schedules

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In what regions of Ukraine there are power outages
In what regions of Ukraine there are power outages . Source: Ministry of Energy

On the night of April 9, Russia attacked energy facilities in Ukraine twice - in Poltava and Lviv regions - damaging equipment at two substations. As of 6:50 am, power outage schedules for residential consumers continue to be in effect in Kharkiv and the region. Restrictions have also been imposed on industry facilities in Kryvyi Rih. At the same time, Kharkiv is experiencing long and uneven blackouts, which residents complain about.

New shelling was reported by Ukrenergo and the Ministry of Energy. In particular, at night, Russia attacked:

  • A high-voltage substation in the Poltava region. A fire broke out on the territory, which was extinguished by the State Emergency Service. No one was injured, but there was damage to the equipment.
  • A high-voltage substation in the Lviv region. A fire was detected, no one was injured.

At the same time, power engineers emphasize that the Ukrainian power system is generally stable. There is no total electricity shortage. For the current day, electricity imports are forecasted at 1781 MWh. Exports of up to 345 MWh are also expected.

Kharkiv: power outages are long and uneven

Kharkivoblenergo explained the situation with blackouts in the region. Power engineers noted that the power grid of the Kharkiv region operates in extreme conditions, and it is often impossible to adhere to the schedules of planned outages. Kharkiv residents say on social media that the power is cut off for 11-16 hours every day.

"Constant shelling by Russian troops in different parts of the region leads to new damage, which is why power companies are forced to disconnect certain lines to carry out appropriate emergency repairs. If you don't have electricity and your neighbor does, it doesn't mean that you have been 'forgotten'. It means that you and your neighbor are connected to different lines, and there is no way to ensure simultaneous power supply to your homes," the company said.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov also commented on the situation with emergency outages. "The critical infrastructure has been powered. We provide electricity to residential buildings according to the schedule, but often they are not met because there is not enough voltage," Terekhov said on the air of the national TV marathon.

At the same time, power engineers urge Kharkiv residents to save electricity when it is available. This will help avoid new accidents and, as a result, even longer blackouts. The regional power company states that the damage to power grids caused by the hostilities and additional restrictions on electricity supply to the Kharkiv region are forcing them to cut off power to consumers in Kharkiv and the region in amounts exceeding the hourly schedules.

Other regions: which industries have problems with electricity

As of the morning of April 9, 396 settlements in Ukraine were without power. Due to the fighting, there are power outages in the Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Poltava, Sumy, and Kharkiv regions.

According to Ukrenergo, on April 9, some municipal and residential consumers in Poltava lost power for a short time. The power supply was restored in 30 minutes.

There was also a break in power supply to consumers in the Lviv region. The power supply was restored within 50 minutes and repairs are underway.

Two high-voltage overhead lines were simultaneously disconnected due to the shelling in the Dnipropetrovsk region, and an industrial facility lost power. Consumers have been supplied with electricity, the Energy Ministry reported.

In addition, a high-voltage substation in the Mykolaiv region was disconnected due to equipment damage, and household consumers lost power. All of them have electricity now.

As previously reported, there are currently no plans to raise the electricity fees in Ukraine from the current UAH 2.64 per kWh, regardless of consumption. However, this cannot be ruled out, primarily because of the need to repair the power facilities damaged by the Russians.

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