Not just Prague: top 5 Czech cities to visit this year

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The most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic

The Czech capital is always adored by tourists. People come here to enjoy the charm of Gothic spires and elegant architecture. It is romantic, elegant, and mysterious. However, Prague is not the only city the country can boast of. There are many provinces in the country that are worth a look. We will tell you where to go!


In winter, this inconspicuous town turns into a beehive as it is home to the best ski resort in the Czech Republic. Liberec is usually chosen by Czechs and Germans for their vacations. However, tourists from other European countries can also be found here.

The town is considered to be the keeper of the treasures of Czech culture. It was founded in the XIII century. Since then, it has preserved ancient castles, interesting houses and historical monuments.

Wherever you go, all roads will lead you to the Main Square and the Town Hall. Start exploring the town from here. Perhaps it will remind you of Lviv or Chernivtsi. There is something similar between them, but there is also a difference. Look around as there are completely different houses here. Bold, colorful, with bright tiles. Be sure to go up to the observation platform. It offers fantastic views.

Do not miss the two famous castles: Friedstein and Friedland. The latter is well preserved to this day. Today, it houses an exhibition dedicated to the military leader Albrecht von Wallenstein. Unfortunately, only ruins remain of the former. However, tourists still come here.

We recommend visiting the Babilon entertainment center and the IQLandia science and interactive museum. Finally, go to the botanical garden, the Liberec Zoo and the TV tower. It is located on the Ještěd Mountain.

Not just Prague: top 5 Czech cities to visit this year


Among our countrymen, this city is known as a beer paradise. Beer lovers come here to taste different varieties. However, in addition to pubs, it is worth visiting the famous Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery. Tours for tourists are constantly organized here, and lectures are held in different languages. The guide will show you all the production processes and tell you the history of the creation of the hop. At the end of the tour, participants are always treated to a special draft.

However, the beer adventure for travelers does not end there. There is a Brewery Museum in Pilsen. Here you will learn the secrets of medieval breweries, as well as see old equipment, mugs, a model of a brewery and other exhibits.

Next, head to the Main Square of Náměstí Republiky. Here stands the tallest religious building in the Czech Republic: St. Bartholomew's Cathedral. Be sure to visit the DinoPark and the Nad ZOO. Go to the Haunted House, climb the Town Hall, and visit the Franciscan Monastery and the Petřín Gardens. Finally, explore the local dungeons.

Not just Prague: top 5 Czech cities to visit this year


Nowadays, not many tourists visit this region. But earlier, in the Middle Ages, it was considered an important trading town. It was a bustling place with a vibrant economy and industry. Many ancient and architectural masterpieces have survived to this day. And in 2009, the province won the Historic City of the Year award. Thus, there are plenty of attractions here.

Start your exploration of the medieval pearl from Husova Square. Baroque and Renaissance houses coexist here in harmony. The ruins of the former fortress wall are nearby. Two twin towers rise near them: these are the remains of the famous Pilsen Gate.

It is also worth seeing the Dusłova Villa, as well as visiting the bear museum and the Beroun Bear Brewery. This place is famous for its wood-fired brewing.

Not just Prague: top 5 Czech cities to visit this year



Residents of this town are ready to argue with anyone who thinks that the Czech Republic begins with Prague. After all, these lands have been in full swing for hundreds of years. By the way, in the Middle Ages, the local fortress served as a strong shield for the whole of Moravia. The locals are very proud of this fact: they boast about it to travelers.

If you are here, visit the Spilberk Castle. Its observation deck offers a beautiful view. Take a stroll through Freedom Square, which always has a festive atmosphere. The main Christmas tree is set up here, and various festivals, fairs, and concerts are held. Be sure to visit the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. The building has a tall spire, so the shrine can be seen from anywhere in Brno.

Buy tickets for a performance in one of the city's 20 theaters. Visit the observatory and planetarium, and try the local food: cherry strudel, pork neck toast, or lemon dumplings with blueberries.

Not just Prague: top 5 Czech cities to visit this year


This small province is very reminiscent of Venice. By the way, it was the first province in the country to be protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gingerbread houses, which are very similar to toy houses, are waiting for you at every turn. There are also many shrines here, the largest in the whole of the Czech Republic. Among the churches, we recommend visiting the Church of St. James and the Church of Christ.

In addition to sacred buildings, visit the Marian Column, the City Hall, and the main fountain. And, of course, stroll the streets of the city. The architecture here is incredible.

Not just Prague: top 5 Czech cities to visit this year

Thus, it's not all about Prague! If you're planning a trip to the Czech Republic, put these locations on your travel checklist. We are sure you will not regret it.

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