Not ice cream: five products that will help you cool down in the heat

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What products help to cope with the heat. Source: freepik

When the heat is on, a large portion of ice cream may seem like a great idea for many people. But in reality, it's just a quick fix that can have the opposite effect.

As soon as your body starts digesting and storing the calories from the ice cream, your body temperature starts to rise again too. However, in summer, there are many other foods that can help you cope with the heat. This is reported by the Baptist Health portal.

There are foods that can really help to cope with the heat by stimulating nerve cooling, making you sweat, and providing the body with the necessary fluids.

Mint. By acting on the nerves in the mouth that are sensitive to cold, mint works wonders to cool a person down, especially if eaten fresh. It also helps digestion.

Chili pepper. In countries with hot climates, such as India and Thailand, spicy food is a staple. One of the chemicals contained in them, capsaicin, triggers a reaction in the body that makes people sweat. In turn, this process helps the body regulate its temperature.

Vegetables rich in water. It is a well-known fact that vegetables are healthy, but on hot summer days, some types are even better than others. Water-rich vegetables, such as cucumbers, radishes, and leafy greens, are a hidden source of hydration, which is extremely important for the body as a person cannot cool down by sweating if the body is not sufficiently hydrated.

Fruits. This is an easy substitute for frozen sweets with a high sugar content. But keep in mind that it is better to choose juicy fruits with a high water content, such as apples, melons, and watermelons.

Chickpeas. For many people, the summer heat is associated with relaxing by the grill, but you should be careful with this. Meat requires a lot of work to digest, which causes your body to heat up. If you want to keep cool, choose a protein that is less taxing on the stomach, such as chickpeas. These legumes are also full of fiber and vitamins.

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