Little-known European islands worth visiting are named

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The most beautiful islands in Europe

Every second person has heard of the Seychelles, Cyprus, or Ibiza. These are popular and promoted locations where travelers go on vacation all the time. There is nothing wrong with them. There is always high-quality service, beautiful five-star hotels, and gourmet restaurants. But there is one small "but": they are always crowded. Noisy tourists are everywhere and, unfortunately, you can't hide from them.

For those who like silence and solitude, flying there is not an option. But what if you want to get to such a paradise, but without all the fuss and crowds?

There is a way out! You need to choose unpopular destinations. Fortunately, there are plenty of such islands that few people know about. We'll tell you where to buy tickets!

Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands

"Moving Earth" is the best way to describe this location. Due to the special bottom, strong winds and sea waves, this part of the land is constantly moving to the south and east. Schiermonnikoog has moved 2 kilometers away from its usual location over 762 years. Even its shape has changed.

It changes its position due to the North Sea. It destroys the edge of the shore at one end and cuts the other. This creates a "flow" effect.

Although the island is quite small - only 16 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide - it always welcomes visitors. It has everything for a successful vacation. There are hotels, many vacation houses, and even a tent camp. There is a ferry pier and a harbor for small boats on the coast.

People come here not to soak up the sun (it is unlikely to be possible in the fall) but to enjoy the beauty of the local landscapes. The best way to do this is by walking or cycling. You can even buy a map with cycling routes and study them in detail.

There is also a lot of entertainment for travelers with children. With the kids, you can visit a children's farm with animals, ride a pony, fly a kite, and take a tractor ride on the eastern part of the island. From there, you can see fur seals through a telescope. Don't forget to sign up for various excursions. There are a lot of them that will help you explore the local flora and fauna, look for treasures on the beach, and visit the locals.

By the way, November is considered a month of walks here. So coming here in the off-season is an ideal option.

Little-known European islands worth visiting are named

Menorca, Spain

In the fall, this part of the world is also not a place to bask in the sun. But despite this, tourists who are tired of Mallorca are eager to come here. They are attracted by a unique nature. It is worth saying that the entire territory of the island is a protected area as there are many rare representatives of the flora and fauna.

Local authorities take care of travelers. Hiking trails are constantly being developed here so that none of the travelers will get bored during the cold season.

What to do in November? Of course, enjoy the scenery. No wonder Menorca is called an open-air museum. Here, you can spend hours exploring the historical sights and attractions.

There are stone pyramids on the island that are even older than the Egyptian ones. They are a must-see. It is also worth visiting the Castle of Santa Àgueda and climbing its chapel. Book an excursion to the caves with rock paintings near the village of Cales Coves and visit the tomb of Naveta des Tudons.

There is no time to be mopey in this region. The locals are constantly organizing festivals. There is some kind of event every month. You need to come here at least for the cuisine. The cuisine here is incredible and combines features of Greek, Italian, English, and African. Be sure to try the seafood dishes, Mahon cheese, and fig bread. Sherry is the most popular drink.

There are two ways to get to Menorca: fly to Mallorca and then take a ferry or a domestic flight.

Little-known European islands worth visiting are named

Lošinj, Croatia

A natural open-air spa is how this island can be characterized. It is known as a health resort. Thanks to its mild subtropical climate, sea air, and pine forests, the region is not overlooked even in the off-season.

Lošinj used to be larger, but it was reduced during the Roman rule. A narrow part of the land was dug up and a canal was for the passage of merchant ships was made. Since then, it has had a "neighbor".

The place is buried in dense vegetation. Trees, bushes, flowers and other flora are planted on every piece of land. The weather here is comfortable all year round. In addition to beaches, there are many attractions, including historic villas from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the 15th-century St. Martin's Church, an art gallery in the Fritzi Palace, and a botanical garden with a collection of aromatic plants.

Festivals and sporting events are constantly held on the island. For example, on the first Saturday of every month, there is a holiday during which goodies and souvenirs are sold on the waterfront.

For travelers with children, we recommend going on an excursion to the Marine Education Center, which studies dolphins. Their colony lives near the coast.

Little-known European islands worth visiting are named

Of course, it's no longer possible to sunbathe in late fall and early winter there, but people come here for something else. They want to plunge into the culture, to actively relax, to discover the unusual flavors of local cuisine and just to breathe in the clean air. It's up to you to decide! But we sincerely advise you to visit these little-known islands at least once in your life.

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