The Kremlin is concerned about a possible uprising in Russia: the Siberian battalion spoke about the situation

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The Siberian battalion told how the Kremlin is wary of uprisings

The Kremlin is concerned about a possible uprising in the Siberian regions. In order to prevent such situations, a headquarters has been organized in Buryatia to counter the threats of separatism and nationalism.

This was reported by the Siberian Battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The corresponding decree of the head of the Republic of Buryatia A. Tsydenov with the approved list of staff members was published on the official portal of the republic.

The battalion noted that such a document is unlikely to be an initiative from below. It is likely that the creation of the headquarters is an order from Moscow, which is typical for a totalitarian state. Obviously, similar organizations are already operating or will be created in other regions of Siberia, and possibly throughout Russia. This is especially true in the territories inhabited by indigenous peoples.

Moscow's leadership correctly takes into account the prospects for the near future for Russia. The situation is steadily moving toward the emergence of a mass movement for national independence and self-government. At the same time, this prospect inspires the fighters of the Siberian Battalion.

"We are preparing for the final destruction of the 'prison of nations' called the Russian Federation. We are preparing to bring freedom and justice to our land. Not only Ukraine, which provided us with an opportunity to receive excellent training in the ranks of the Armed Forces, but also volunteers and instructors from Western countries, help us in this. We are supported not only by our compatriots but also by volunteers from Poland, Lithuania and other Baltic countries. We are looking forward to gaining experience from NATO instructors. There are more and more of us. Freedom and the restoration of justice are getting closer," the soldiers emphasized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, earlier the soldiers of the Siberian battalion, which consists mainly of representatives of Russian ethnic minorities from across the Urals, told why they came to the defense of Ukraine. The soldiers said they wanted to try to "wash away the blood of Bucha" in this way. They see victory in Ukraine as an opportunity to overthrow the Putin regime and gain independence from Russia for their people.

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