Kate Middleton's best looks of 2023: a "revenge dress," colorful suits and wool pants

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Kate Middleton showed a lot of stylish looks this year

The British Duchess and wife of Prince William of Wales, Kate Middleton, attends dozens of formal, royal, charity and social events every year. The princess's stylists make sure that her looks are not repeated, appropriate, restrained and stylish at the same time.

In addition, royals put a special meaning into their clothes, often making references to something and conveying a message to the world. OBOZ.UA decided to tell you about the most striking looks of the Duchess in 2023.

In March, the Princess of Wales attended the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in London, England, wearing an exquisite polka-dot outfit. With a wide hat, gloves and high heels, she looked particularly elegant and "royal". Nowadays, this style is often called "old momey".

Kate Middleton showed a royal look in the style of ''old momey''

In February, Kate Middleton wore an evening gown to the EE BAFTA Film Awards 2023 at the Royal Festival Hall. This look was memorable for its combination of light-colored outfit and black long gloves.

In February, Kate Middleton showed an evening dress

The Princess of Wales is often called a national favorite and people love to discuss her everyday looks. They are always comfortable, at the same time restrained and emphasize her figure. For example, a warm suit with a stylish cropped jacket and a long skirt, which she complemented with cream pumps.

The Princess of Wales often chooses simple and comfortable clothes

Not so long ago, when a racist scandal erupted around the princess, she went out in a "revenge dress." The Duchess wore a sparkling ball gown and a symbolic tiara to a reception for diplomats at Buckingham Palace.

Kate Middleton showed up in a ''revenge dress''

Pants are also in Kate Middleton's wardrobe. The last one, which was very popular with the British public and stylists, was a fashionable high-waisted flared model that emphasized the princess's figure. This total-white outfit was discussed for a long time.

Kate Middleton surprised with a snow-white look

The future queen is not afraid of bright colors such as red, pink, green and blue. There are no acid colors in her wardrobe, but quite a few noble shades of emerald, light green, powder, purple and sky blue. The princess loves to wear colored costumes.

The future queen is not afraid of bright colors

It's also worth mentioning how stylishly the princess can combine knitted, warm and cozy things while remaining elegant and sophisticated. It would seem that woolen pants and a knitted sleeveless shirt are definitely not royalty, but Kate Middleton proved that they are in 2023.

The princess knows how to combine knitted and cozy items

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