Kadyrov is against Russian language? Details on what happened in Chechnya

Alexey GolobutskyNews
Chechnya wants to popularize the Chechen language

Kadyrov said he would fire officials whose children do not speak Chechen. For him, it is unacceptable that children "begin to even think in Russian." He added that they would have no future.


"It happens that the children of my team members do not speak Chechen. I will start dismissing such officials from my team. First and foremost, children should be taught their native language by their parents. Russian is taught in kindergartens and schools, and parents often encourage it. Children even begin to think in Russian. The generation that does not speak and think in Chechen has no future."


We will not recall that the Kremlin started the "SMO" because of the abolition of the Russian language, among other things. Nor will we talk about the fact that the public voicing of such a position on Russian and the national language in Ukraine still immediately raises a bunch of accusations.

I'll emphasize the political and geopolitical aspects. The next step after such a statement would be to establish Chechen as the official language in Chechnya. But what will prevent other leaders of national entities in Russia from following Kadyrov's example? To establish the Buryat, Bashkir, and Kalmyk languages in the same way and to dismiss officials for not knowing the local language, both them and their children (i.e., all appointees from Moscow and the central regions are immediately fired).

The Chechen language as a determining factor is not the only difference between Chechnya and other regions of the Russian Federation. In fact, Chechnya has its own private army. It lives by its own laws and openly ignores federal laws (the appointment of 15-year-old Adam to a position with clearly defined requirements for age, education, experience, etc.; lack of knowledge of the language as a reason for dismissal, contrary to the same legislation). He calmly proclaims his own attitude to fundamental problems, separate from the official one.

What's now? Nothing. In fact, this is a perfect example of the feudalization of Russia. A good motivator for the initiators of separatist movements in other regions. It is also an irritant (at least at the "kitchen level") for the "right Russians," including Orthodox, patriotic, law-abiding, increasingly poor, nailed down ones by the Kremlin's powerful repressive machine, as well as those "utilized" in Ukraine.

And as much as this is harmful for Russia, it is equally good for us and our allies because it initiates the prospects for the fragmentation of the Russian Federation.

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