In Moscow, a woman wrote a denunciation against her son because he started learning Ukrainian

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Russian woman reports her son for learning Ukrainian

In Moscow, a woman filed a police report against her son because he started learning Ukrainian. Among the other hobbies of the son that caused concern for the mother were gym classes, reading the Koran, and studying the structure of drones, shells, and mines.

This was reported by the pro-Kremlin Mash channel. Before, the 24-year-old was not interested in anything like that. But after he traveled to the Far East and was probably less influenced by Russian propaganda, he returned nine months later with new interests that his mother did not like.

"Suddenly, I became interested in jogging, weightlifting, and literature on weapons – exclusively in Ukrainian. He crammed the language and reads the Koran in his leisure time," pro-Kremlin media wrote.

The Russian woman tried to convince him to give up his hobbies, but he refused. Therefore, the woman could not think of anything better than to write a denunciation against her own son to the police so that they would return her son to the "righteous path."

Earlier, in the Novosibirsk region of Russia, a teacher had to write an explanatory note after an anonymous denunciation of her to the Ministry of Education. The complaint stated that her wedding photos against the backdrop of a church were "intimate".

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