How to survive the New Year's feast for people with high cholesterol: the best tips

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Experts advise avoiding cheese and alcohol

New Year's holidays are a real headache for doctors. After all, the dishes that are considered festive are hardly healthy. Lots of fatty, fried, smoked foods, mayonnaise, alcohol - all of this is not conducive to good health. And it is especially bad for people with high blood cholesterol.

Eat This, Not That! has collected the most effective tips on what to do in this case. How to prepare for a festive dinner if you have high cholesterol, and what to eat so as not to spoil your feast and endanger your health.

Limit your cheese consumption

Cheese slices, cheese crusts on hot dishes, cheese sauce - all of these are very tasty and suitable for the New Year's table. But medical experts warn that cheese is rich in saturated fats, which can raise cholesterol levels, and it is also very high in calories. The American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 6% of your daily calorie intake in the form of saturated fat. In terms of cheese, depending on the variety, this will be approximately 13-15 grams. Be especially careful with such varieties as Parmesan, Brie, and cheddar.

Stick to moderate amounts of alcohol

Alcohol can contribute to high blood cholesterol levels if you drink too much. And the widespread belief that dry red wine is good for the heart precisely because it helps balance "good" and "bad" cholesterol does not have sufficient scientific evidence. Therefore, experts do not recommend consuming more than one drink per evening for women and two drinks for men. According to the American National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, one serving is 0.3 liters of beer, 140 ml of wine, or 42 ml of 40-degree spirits. It's even better to give up alcohol altogether.

Pay attention to nuts

Nuts can be a good snack at a holiday party for people with high cholesterol. Studies have shown that nuts can lower cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein levels, as well as help you lose weight and, in some cases, normalize blood pressure. So, feel free to add nuts to salads and hot dishes or serve them as a separate snack. In some recipes, nuts can be substituted for cottage cheese, or you can mix the two products to make a more savory and healthy crust for dishes. Nutritionists also advise eating a small handful of nuts before the party starts. This way, you'll feel full and less likely to overeat at the party table.

Stick to vegetables

The French appetizer crudités is a sliced juicy raw vegetable that should be dipped in vinaigrette sauce or other dressing and is considered a delicacy. Nutritionists strongly advise putting it on the table if you have people with high cholesterol in your company. Vegetables will help you get full faster, make you less tempted by desserts and fatty foods, and provide your body with healthy fiber and antioxidants. The main thing is to make sure that the sauce for crudités is not too fatty.

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