How to root roses from a bouquet or cuttings: tips

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A rose garden can be created simply from bouquets that are given to you. Source: Created with the help of AI

Have you ever received a bouquet of roses and wanted to make sure that these beautiful flowers ended up in your garden? Gardening experts say it can be even easier than you think.

A new bush can be grown from cuttings. Both fresh flowers from a bouquet and branches that remain after pruning the garden are suitable for it. OBOZ.UA tells you how to do everything right to propagate a rose in this way.

Growing from cuttings

First of all, keep in mind that the second half of the year is not suitable for cuttings. The branches that you have time to root in June-July will take root. Cuttings should be cut before the plant blooms, or already in the process.

How to make a cutting correctly

If you want to grow a rose from a bouquet, choose the best flower with no signs of wilting or damage and cut it so that the stem is about 20 cm long. Be sure to remove all the leaves from it, except for the top 2-3 leaves.

When propagating the bush by cuttings, choose young branches that have grown in the current season. The shoot must have buds.

Take a sharp and disinfected tool. This is the only way to make a quality cut: even, smooth, and without damaging the fibers. You need to cut the stem between the bud and the thorn. At the same time, 1 cm should remain from the bud to the cut edge. The cut can be straight or at a 45-degree angle.

How to plant a cutting for rooting

Such cuttings can be placed in the ground immediately. The distance between them should be 10-15 cm. You need to bury the stem in the soil so that the lower bud is 2-2.5 cm below the ground.

Make a rooting greenhouse for each cutting. To do this, cover the plant with a bag or jar. This way you can make a small greenhouse out of plastic wrap if you are germinating several plants at once.

How to root rose cuttings in water

The plant can take root even if you keep it in a glass of water. To do this, the vessel should contain no more than 2-3 cm of liquid. Place the cutting in a bright place with diffused sunlight. In a few weeks, it will give roots. Let them get a little stronger and transfer them to the open ground. But don't rush it: the rose needs a few weeks to take root. During this period, it should not be exposed to cold weather, especially night frosts, for it to survive.

How to care for a rose cutting

The branches you are trying to root should grow in moist but never wet soil. Water the roses frequently but in small portions so that the substrate remains in more or less the same condition.

Do not forget to ventilate greenhouses in the heat: remove the cover for a short time so that the plants can breathe. For the cold season, cover the cuttings permanently. It is also worth covering the soil around them with fallen leaves, straw, or plastic wrap. Do not sweep snow from this area. On the contrary, it is better to make sure that it covers it in cold weather. Only when it gets steadily warmer and the threat of frost has passed can the greenhouses be removed. Usually this period occurs around May.

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