How to make your skin look younger: one simple rule will change your makeup routine

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Removing makeup in time allows you to take better care of your skin with the help of care

There are many tricks to make you look younger with makeup. However, only proper care can truly turn the clock back.

British blogger Elle McNamara, who gives beauty tips on TikTok under the nickname @bambidoesbeauty, is convinced of this. She explained to her subscribers which technique helped her to completely change her appearance.

According to the woman, she will turn 34 this year, but she looks better than when she was 20. And all because of her skin condition. Improper care in her youth led to the appearance of age spots on Elle's face: her skin was dehydrated and wrinkles appeared.

The blogger said that the main mistake of those years was the wrong approach to makeup removal. "The only thing I do now that I've never done before is that as soon as I walk in the door, I take off my makeup and put on my pajamas," Elle said.

She explained that this allows her skin to breathe. It also gives her extra time to take care of it with skincare products.

She advised choosing makeup removers that leave your skin feeling moisturized. In addition, be sure to apply the right care for your age and skin condition afterwards.

She also reminded us to never forget about sunscreen because it is the only thing that can truly stop the appearance of wrinkles. Elle advised choosing an unscented product that does not sting the eyes and adheres well to the skin. The texture of the cream should at least not discourage you from applying it every day. And the degree of protection, according to the blogger, should be from SPF 50.

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