How to make a candle heater with your own hands: this gadget will help to warm up in cold evenings

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A candle-powered heater can keep you warm in extreme conditions

Preparations for a difficult winter in Ukraine are underway, and in addition to lists of useful things that can help survive in the absence of light and heat, instructions for making various useful gadgets have begun to spread on social media. One of them is a compact heater that runs on a candle.

According to TSN, it will come in handy during heating and power outages, as it does not depend on the availability of power. The power of such a device is, of course, low, but it can heat a small room of up to 20 square meters by several degrees. To see how to assemble such a heater, read the story to the end.

This method of heating was invented by Californian Doyle Dossa, who lives in the southern US state of California, where it can be quite cold in winter, so his company DOSS Products is quite successful in selling its Kandle Heater for $25 each. The system is based on an inverted ceramic flower pot that covers a candle. It accumulates the heat energy released during combustion-it usually dissipates in all directions-and then releases it into the room.

A significant disadvantage of the Kandle Heater is that it takes a long time to heat up. The device is designed so that all residual moisture must first evaporate from it. You can speed up this process a bit by storing the heater in a plastic bag, so that the pots won't absorb water from the air.

What do you need to make a candle warmer? You will need:

  • several ceramic flower pots of different sizes - plastic ones will not work;
  • a long metal bolt;
  • nuts and washers.

As conceived by the designer, there should be three pots and they should fit freely into each other. They need to be connected with a long bolt. Several nuts should be placed between the pots so that they do not fit tightly but have free space between them. Following the same principle of layering as in clothing, air pockets between the pots will accumulate heat. The largest pallet can serve as a candle stand. A structure of containers should be placed above it like a cap. But air must circulate freely between these parts, otherwise the fire will go out.

It is not necessary to buy expensive candles for such a heater; the cheapest tea lights or any low candles will do. Their flame will heat the rod and other metal elements, the hot air from them will collect in the air pockets of the heater, and the excess will be released into the room.

It is important to note that such a heater should not be left unattended. An open flame, even if it is as small as a tea light, is a real danger.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, an experienced tourist told how to stay warm in an apartment without heating on her Twitter account. And a Kharkiv blogger has compiled a list of gadgets that will be indispensable during a long power outage.

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