How to fertilize garlic in May: thanks to a simple trick, it will grow like a fist

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How to fertilize garlic. Source: Created with the help of AI

Garlic is a fairly unpretentious crop, but to get a large and high-quality harvest, you should take care of fertilizing. Experienced gardeners say that May and June are ideal months for fertilizing.

In the spring, garlic needs nitrogen first and foremost. OBOZ.UA tells you which fertilizers guarantee a generous harvest and large fruits.

Nitrogen will become a kind of building material for the ground part of the garlic. A properly formed green mass is the key to large and flavorful fruits. It's best to apply ammonium nitrate to the soil – it contains nitrogen in a form that is quickly and easily absorbed by plants. Nitrogen fertilizers will provoke active growth of the aerial parts and prevent yellowing and drying out.

Another effective fertilizer is magnesium sulfate. Magnesium promotes better absorption of phosphorus from the soil and forms a healthy root system.

Preparing the fertilizer is quite simple: mix 1 tablespoon of ammonium nitrate and 1 tablespoon of magnesium sulfate in 10 liters of water. Mix thoroughly so that the ingredients are completely dissolved.

For the second feeding, wood ash will come in handy. This fertilizer is rich in potassium and phosphorus. Phosphorus is useful for bulb formation, and potassium will promote root development. Note that the root system must be well-formed to absorb nutrients from the soil. Dilute a glass of ash in 10 liters of water and water the garlic bed at the rate of 5 liters of solution per 1 square meter.

In addition, garlic responds well to copper and zinc. Copper fertilizers will also protect against diseases and bacteria, and zinc fertilizers can be used in the form of a complex of trace elements or pure form. 

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