Digitalization has become part of Ukraine's DNA: Fedorov announces new services in Diia

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The team has ambitious plans for this year

Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development and Minister of Digital Transformation, announced new services in the Diia app. In particular, it will soon be possible to evaluate offline services, as well as services for Ukrainians abroad.

Fedorov spoke about this in a new episode of the Elephant podcast. He noted that the team has ambitious plans for this year.

"We have ambitious plans for this year, from services to some new entities (6:58) in Diia that we want to create," the minister said.

He clarified that the team is currently working on the Diia.Office service.

"We are now actively developing Diia.Office products, the ability to build a corporate environment for teams where you can do surveys, collect problems, callouts, meetings, and access to free Google services. In other words, we want to digitalize and make our environment more innovative, the work environment within our team. And we think that this product will be quite active this year within the Ministry of Digital Transformation, possibly in other ministries, and then we want to inject this DNA into all government agencies," Fedorov explained.

Another service that is planned is the ability to evaluate offline services.

"We have several other products this year that will be related to offline. It's quite interesting that it will be possible to evaluate offline services, that is, those local services that we do not influence now as a government, we do not launch these services," the minister said.

He explained that to rate an offline service, you will just need to shake your smartphone and immediately rate the government agency where you received the public service. Then all the ratings will be displayed on the Government's dashboard, which will help you understand how people rate offline service centers or government offices across the country. The rating will be published quarterly and used to make personnel decisions.

"And then we can see in real time across the country how people evaluate certain offline service centers or government offices. And then we will publish a quarterly rating of the best and worst, and make personnel decisions," said Fedorov.

In addition, the Diia team is working on services for Ukrainians abroad. In particular, electronic queues at consulates and embassies. And also the introduction of electronic notaries. After a comprehensive launch, Ukrainians abroad will also be able to use the services.

"So there will be a lot of new things this year, and we will continue to move forward with the digitalization of the most popular services we have," the minister said.

He added that this week the government adopted a resolution allowing Diia to be an open-source product. In this context, Fedorov noted that developers from all over the world will be able to study Diia's architecture and data logic through open source, which is an important step towards transparency and scaling of the product.

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