Butterfly magnet: how to grow buddleja at home

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Buddleja looks luxurious, is easy to care for, and attracts many butterflies. Source: crocus.co.uk

Butterflies are our favorite pollinating insects because in addition to being useful, they also bring a lot of aesthetic pleasure. To attract them to your garden, it is advised to grow some special plants, such as buddleja.

This shrub can grow separately or as a hedge. OBOZ.UA tells you how to grow budleja on your site.

Buddleja belongs to the sponge family. Its different species come from Asia, Africa and America. Today, about 100 varieties are known, and new ones are still being discovered in nature. The first species known in Europe had a lilac color and a sweet aroma, for which the plant was called "summer lilac". The most popular for growing in gardens is David's buddleja. This plant is very attractive to various pollinating insects, which is why it has received another popular name – butterfly bush.

How to choose a place

Buddleja needs a lot of sunlight, so it is better to choose a place in the fall. Partial shade is also suitable, but flowering will be somewhat less abundant. In this case, the site should be protected from the winds. If necessary, you can install a support for the plant.

Almost any soil is suitable for the plant. But the best is slightly acidic and well-drained. If your site is located on heavy soils, simply mix the soil with sand and compost – this will be enough.

For a single bush, allocate about 1 square meter of space. If you are planning a hedge, place the plants at a distance of 50-60 cm from each other.

How to grow buddleja from seeds

The seeds of the plant take a long time to germinate, so you should sow them in January or February. Then, by the time the night frosts stop, you will get a sprout that is old enough to take root in the open ground.

For germination, the seeds (which are quite small) are poured into shallow vessels with seedling soil. There is no need to sprinkle it with earth. Watering the seeds is best done with a spray bottle. This application of water will be the most careful. At a temperature of 20-25 degrees, the first seedlings will appear in 7-10 days. From this point on, it is important to provide the plant with sufficient lighting.

When the plant develops 3-4 true leaves, the buddleja is dived and planted in separate pots with a diameter of 12-14 cm. It will grow quickly, so it will need space.

Transfer the young plant to the site in the second half of May. And for the first few weeks, make sure that the soil under it does not dry out. Under such conditions, buddleia can bloom in the first year. If it's not important to you, you can sow the seeds directly into the open ground after the last spring frost. In this case, make sure that weeds do not start sprouting near it, as they can drown out the plant.

How to care for buddleja

Buddleja is famous for its unpretentiousness, so in order to take root, it only needs periodic watering to keep the bush from drying out. But at the end of winter, plants of the second year of cultivation should be cut off at a level of 30 cm from the ground. This will stimulate their growth and ensure more lush flowering.

When the plant begins to bloom, do not forget to remove the wilted flowers from it. This way, the bud will have more energy to form new buds. Use watering sparingly. The soil on which the bush grows should not become waterlogged. For the winter, it is better to mulch the soil around it.

It is better to choose rose fertilizer to feed the buddleja. It contains enough potassium, which promotes the flowering of the plant. Potassium monophosphate is also suitable. It is enough to apply the chosen product once a year – in the spring.

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