Brodskyi: Only finding new sponsors can save "Budivelnyk", there are a few days for that

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President of the Basketball Federation of Ukraine responds to "Budivelnyk's" letter

The President of the Basketball Federation of Ukraine Mykhailo Brodskyi reacted to "Budivelnyk's" letter announcing that the club was withdrawing from the Men's Super League. The Basketball Federation of Ukraine President issued a statement in which he emphasized the possible preservation of the club if sponsorship is found in the near future.

He also noted that the Federation is currently fighting for the existence of a large number of teams in the five existing professional leagues. The main problem in professional basketball is the lack of sponsorship during the war years.

"It's hard to realize that "Budivelnyk" is ceasing to exist. Of course, it's a shock and a big shock for all of us. The club lost its sponsorship and decided to withdraw from the championship in order not to accumulate debts. Today, everyone understands how difficult it is to get sponsorship, and the vast majority of social projects of Ukrainian companies are aimed at helping the army, which is understandable. The builder was unable to find alternative support and was therefore forced to take this step.

In turn, I want to emphasize that we have a few more days to save this project. If sponsors or patrons are ready to support "Budivelnyk", the Basketball Federation of Ukraine can act as an intermediary. We have been doing this behind the scenes for some time, and now we are making an official appeal. It is likely that the structure of this club can exist in the form of a joint-stock company, but without a global partner or the interest of several sponsors, this is impossible.

"Budivelnyk's" announcement came as a shock for many people. But everyone needs to understand that these are the realities today, and the Federation lives in the format of fighting for the preservation of almost every Super League club. The average fan does not see most of the problems, and he does not need to see it, but during the war, there is a struggle for the existence of each club, it is difficult for everyone, everyone has problems to a greater or lesser extent, the struggle continues. Now we have 10 other Super League clubs, and at least one of them was also in an incredibly difficult situation. Together we managed to fix it.

I would like to remind you that this season, a record number of teams are playing in professional leagues in recent years - and almost every team of the Federation needs to fight and work for the existence of the Federation. We have 11 clubs in the men's Super League and 12 teams in the Major League. The Women's Super League has 6 clubs. This season, we have returned the men's First League and the women's Premier League, where 15 and 11 teams play, respectively," said the Basketball Federation of Ukraine head.

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