Why you shouldn't pick up coins from the ground: in which cases the superstition doesn't apply

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Can you pick up found money

It has long been believed that it is better not to pick up coins from the ground. According to superstition, such a find can bring poverty and misery or even bring trouble into your life.

Our ancestors believed that discarded or lost coins could carry bad energy. OBOZREVATEL analyzed the essence of superstition.

There is also an alternative version, according to which found money is considered a good omen depending on the place of discovery. Sometimes, by picking up coins at a favorable time, you can "attract" prosperity and well-being into your life. This is especially true for ancient coins. Carrying an ancient coin in your wallet will bring you good luck and happiness.

It is also said that you should look at the side of the coin. If it is tails, it is better to pass by. If it is headed, you can pick it up, and it will bring positive changes.

It has long been said that money should be given to charity or donated to a beggar on the street. However, it was strictly forbidden to pick up money lying at an intersection.

Coins with damaged edges were considered lucky, and it was advised to keep them in your wallet to increase your income.

Also, according to beliefs, if a man was in a hurry to meet a person and suddenly found money on the road, it meant that the meeting would be successful.

Our ancestors also paid attention to the lunar calendar, being sure that coins found during the full moon would bring bad luck. According to another interpretation, finding a coin in the snow is good luck, and in the rain - to profit.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told about an old belief about an old wallet. In some cases, it is not recommended to throw it away.

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