Which cats don't shed: the most comfortable breeds for apartments

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Sphynxes, Rexes and Orientals are a good choice for those who do not want to clean the house of wool.

In a house where there is a cat, wool fulfills the role of both home decor, and a talisman for happiness, and even seasoning for all dishes. It is almost impossible to fight with fluffy presents. The cat leaves them everywhere over and over again. For people prone to allergies this can be a problem. However, there are breeds of cats that do not shed and will suit even those who are horrified by the prospect of fighting with crumbled hair.

OBOZREVATEL tells about these breeds. And about the peculiarities of care for them, as well as the character of such cats.


There are several breeds grouped into the Sphynx group. The common feature for all of them is the complete absence of hair. The first were Canadian. This breed, also known as the moon cat, was bred half a century ago, fixing a natural mutation. Because of the lack of fur, sphinxes need extra warmth and therefore love physical contact with people. They are very affectionate and playful. And, despite their often very serious appearance, they are actually kind and friendly. The minus of the breed group is that the delicate skin of sphynxes must be cared for quite carefully and do not allow the animals to freeze.


Another small group of non-shedding cats are Rexes (Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, etc.). Their peculiarity is a coat with no hairs, only a short undercoat that curls into cute curls. This undercoat practically does not shed. Rexes are playful and bouncy cats, very affectionate to people and other pets. And because of their huge eyes and ears, Devon Rexes are even called elf cats.

Oriental cats

These cosmic creatures with long noses and giant ears have short, velour-like fur that is almost non-shedding to the touch. So you can pet them endlessly. All the more so because they themselves love physical contact. This is an active breed that likes to be constantly near a person, move and play a lot. Orientals are also extremely talkative and will gladly answer if they are addressed.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told, what breeds of cats are best suited for keeping in the conditions of the apartment.

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