What Dragon is the patron saint of 2024 and what color will bring good luck

The Chinese calendar calls 2024 the year of the Green Dragon

Even though the Chinese year follows the lunar calendar and never coincides with January 1, the world traditionally welcomes the new master of the year on this very New Year's Eve. And in 2024, we will welcome the Green Dragon.

OBOZ.UA found out what this symbol means, why the dragon is green, what element the year will be dedicated to, and how to attract good luck according to Chinese tradition.

The meaning of the Year of the Dragon

In the circle of 12 zodiac animals of the Chinese calendar, the Dragon is the fifth. In the Celestial Empire, it is revered as a symbol of success, strength, and health, as well as the personification of the male energy Yang. In the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is unique in that it is the only mythical creature.

Unlike most world cultures, which view the Dragon as the personification of evil, in China, it is a symbol of imperial power. It is associated with the entire Chinese nation and is linked to the element of water. The dragon is the king of animals, and only members of the imperial family have the right to wear its symbol on their clothes.

It is believed that people born in the Year of the Dragon are charismatic, intelligent, self-confident, strong, happy and naturally gifted. In everything they do, they strive to do their best and adhere to the highest standards.

Why the Dragon will be Green in 2024

The full cycle of the eastern horoscope includes not only 12 animals but also five elements that each sign passes through in turn. Thus, 2023 was the year of the Black, or Water Rabbit, and 2024 will be the year of the Green Dragon and the element of wood.

According to the Chinese calendar, it will begin on February 10. It is on this day that the Dragon will come into force. It will be the ruler of the year until January 28, 2025.

The tree is associated with feminine Yin energy, growth, and progress. It is also associated with fire. According to Chinese philosophy, the element of wood gives rise to the element of fire. Therefore, the coming year is expected to bring creativity, innovation, and development.

Colors of 2024

The main color of 2024 will be green with all its shades. It is also worth adding a little imperial yellow to your living space. Some signs should pay attention to the following shades to attract good luck:

  • Rat - tomato red and light green;
  • Bull - light gray and dark olive;
  • Tiger - aquamarine and white and blue;
  • Rabbit - bright blue and grass green;
  • Dragon - coral red and golden yellow;
  • Snake - lilac and olive;
  • Horse - light green and dandelion yellow;
  • Goat - deep purple and turquoise;
  • Monkey - white-pink and yellow-green;
  • Rooster - straw yellow and sky blue;
  • Dog - light orange and light peach;
  • Pig - light lavender and fuchsia.

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