Weird laws in Australia that will definitely get you punished for breaking them

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Funny and incomprehensible laws in Australia

Australia is so amazing that many people want to learn more about its life. But there are facts that surprise everyone without exception.

This also applies to some local laws. OBOZREVATEL has selected several striking examples.

1. In Australia, you are not allowed to vacuum at night or clean loudly: rustling dishes, moving things around or hammering nails. This can result in a $30 fine.

2. It is forbidden to keep large amounts of potatoes at home. This is especially true in regions where farming is flourishing. This means that the police can visit the home at any time. If they find more than 50 kilos of these vegetables in the house, you will have to pay $5000 or prove that everything was bought legally.

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3. You can't post untruthful information about yourself online here. This applies to everything: age, gender, profession, marital status, level of income, and even photos. This is how the authorities are trying to protect citizens from online fraud. Violators can be imprisoned for up to 6 months.

4. You can't "meet" pigeons. They are still periodically used here to exchange letters. Therefore, if you catch a bird, you may inadvertently reveal the secret of your correspondence. You will have to pay $250 for that.

5. Witchcraft is forbidden here. Even reading the coffee grounds may be considered to be cheating and illegal. For this you can be fined $800.

6. Can you imagine locking yourself in a refrigerator? And it's probably very common here, since the authorities have banned the rental and sale of appliances that can't be opened from the inside.

7. The use of foul language in public places is quite strict in Australia. For example, performers are not allowed to say profanity when they perform. The first time you can be imprisoned for up to 2 months. And in case of a repeated violation you can be imprisoned for several years.

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8. It is not allowed to disturb weddings and funerals in the country. It is illegal to speak loudly, distract processionists, or cause a scuffle. The fine for this is $10,000. If the offender does not have that money, he can be sent to jail for 2 years.

9. You are not allowed to leave your car with the door unlocked. This is to reduce crime in the country. So you will have to pay the full $800 for negligence.

10. It is also illegal to have any dealings with pirates. You should not sell them food or ammunition, and you should not collude with them. Even though these maritime criminals haven't been in the country for decades, the ordinance is still not in effect. So you can go to jail for 10 years for that.

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