Top 10 TV series of all time that everyone should watch

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Posters for ''Breaking Bad,'' ''Atlanta'' and ''Mad Men''

Today is considered the new golden age of television, when series production has come closer in scale and budget to film production. Cable networks, TV channels and streaming services are going out of their way to wow viewers spoiled by quality entertainment.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone has updated its list of not just quality TV shows, but those that have changed the rules of the game the most, puzzled the most, blurred genre boundaries and created new worlds. A total of 100 shows made the list. We tell you about the top ten, starting at number 10 and ending with the leader of the ranking.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The sitcom, which aired from 1970 to 1977, was a real breakthrough on American television, because at the center of its plot was an independent and independent woman in her 30s who was not looking for a man, not seeking love and relationships. Although the show was named after the lead actress, Mary Tyler Moore, the heroine in the show was named Mary Richards. After her engagement is broken, she moves to Minneapolis and unexpectedly gets a job as an evening news producer at a local TV station. She makes new friends and colleagues and takes on the metropolis as a professional in her field. The show was a real breakthrough, because it redefined the role of women in society, primarily due to the atypical protagonist. In some aspects it is still relevant today, half a century after its release.


Series creator Donald Glover has had success in everything he does, from series production (before "Atlanta" he was a writer on the sitcom "30 Shocks" and one of the leading roles in "Community") to music, where he became famous primarily as the rapper Childish Gambino. In the series about the adventures of the underdog Ern Mark, he acted as writer, director, producer and lead actor at the same time. The show never fails to be praised for its wide genre range, bold humor, and well-lit problems of black Americans in today's U.S. realities.


The influence of this comedy can be felt in almost all the most popular sitcoms of the later period, from How I Met Your Mother to Friends. The somewhat dysfunctional characters of Cheers lasted 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993, second only to The Big Bang Theory (12 seasons). And this despite the fact that at the start of the series essentially failed and miraculously got a second chance. In the story, friends and acquaintances of the owner, former baseball player Sam Malone, gather at the Cheers bar in downtown Boston to talk, make fun of each other and just have a good time.

Mad Men

This incredibly stylish drama about the work of an American advertising agency in the 1960s is famous for its witty look at the impact of tumultuous political events on everyday life and its well-written characters. A host of political events (from the assassination of John F. Kennedy to the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Vietnam War) and social issues (environmentalism, feminism, racism, etc.) run through the series. And despite this thematic saturation, the viewer does not lose interest in the main characters of the show, who are trying to catch up with the most tumultuous decade of the twentieth century and at the same time somehow not to lose themselves.


Created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, the "show about nothing" set the gold standard for sitcoms for many years. For example, in the early days of the iconic "Friends," it was called a weaker version of "Seinfeld. The action mostly takes place in the home of standup comedian Jerry Seinfeld, where his slightly inadequate friends gather, as well as the occasional woman with whom Jerry tries by all means not to get involved. The authors paid great attention to the minutiae of everyday life, so it was very easy for the audience to associate themselves with the slightly grotesque characters.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge is considered a genius of the entertainment industry. She has had a hand in the cult thriller "Killing Eve" and the 25th episode of the Bond movies "007: No Time to Die," and is now creating a serialized version of the action movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." And all of this might not have happened if she hadn't produced the brilliant tragicomedy "Crap" as a screenwriter, producer and actress. The main character, played by Waller-Bridge, is such a destructive person that she almost deliberately destroys any relationship that happens in her life. In this case, she is shown not as a grotesque villain, but as a deeply lonely person. Lonely enough to see no other way for herself. As they say, raise your hand if you have not felt this way at least once in your life.

The Wire

One of the secrets of the enormous success of the HBO series is that former homicide detective Ed Burns, who co-created "The Wire" with ex-crime journalist David Simon, put all his experience into it. They both knew how hard, drawn-out and time-consuming investigating cases tied to wiretapping tools can be. And they created five seasons of one of television's best police dramas, filmed with a special love for the real Baltimore city where Burns served and where the show is set.

Breaking Bad

One of the objectively best series in television history is based on the fate of a simple little man who, by the will of circumstances, puts all aspects of his life upside down and plunges into darkness. An inconspicuous teacher, Walter White, gradually transforms from a poor working man into the king of his own drug empire. At the beginning he is a loving husband and father who, upon learning that he is dying of cancer, decides by all means to provide his family with money after his own death. But gradually, through a series of difficult moral choices, he loses what remains of his humanity. The viewer is not taught what is good and what is bad, he is shown the intricacy of cause and effect relationships, leading to a very qualitative ending to such a complicated story.

The Simpsons

Matt Greining's animated series is called an encyclopedia of American life, and the meme "it was all in The Simpsons" is circulating on the Internet. The 34th season of the adventures of the animated family, which has not aged a day and has not lost its relevance, has just started. How many celebrities have not only become characters of the show, but also gave it their voices, not to count already. "The Simpsons" is definitely the most influential animated series in the history of television.

The Sopranos

The crime drama, which begins in a therapist's office, according to Rolling Stone, remains by far the best series of all time, because it presents the story of a mafia clan from a completely unexpected angle. The plot centers on the complex and ambiguous Tony Soprano, trying to balance the two incongruous parts of his life. He seeks to preserve his family relationships while maintaining his authority in the underworld. The show impresses with its ambiguous morality, complex characters, and quality plot.

As wrote OBOZREVATEL, the best series of 2022, according to the "Emmy" award, became "White Lotus".

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