Top 10 causes of excess weight that have nothing to do with what you eat or how you move

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Top 10 causes of excess weight that have nothing to do with what you eat or how you move

We often focus on food and movement as the main factors that influence weight. However, there are other aspects that affect the body. My name is Olena Ruta, I am a holistic mental therapist and psychoanalyst. In this article, I will tell you about the causes of overweight that are not related to your diet or physical activity.

It's important to understand that being overweight can have not only physical but also emotional and psychological causes. Being overweight makes us less healthy and is associated with, for example, an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal diseases, and other problems... Let's look at all the possible causes of being overweight together to improve our health. Here are top 10 reasons:

1.The desire to be more visible, important, significant

The first reason for being overweight may be the desire to be more visible, important, and meaningful to others. Did you receive enough attention from your parents as a child? Or maybe now you feel that the world around you neglects your wishes, suggestions, and requests? The body can gain weight, thus attracting attention and ensuring respect, visibility, and even recognition from other people.

2. An excessive amount of love and tenderness has accumulated

What to do? Stop blocking warmth and affection in yourself, of course. If you want to hug, hug, if you want to say a warm word in the middle of a conversation, don't hold it back!

3. There were no manifestations of love in the family

This often happens when parents were cold and reserved.

I suggest you become an adult. Your childhood is over. You can determine how often you express love, kiss and show tenderness. Being an adult is cool. I guarantee it.

4. Inability to say no

Learn to appreciate yourself. You are the ONLY person with whom you will live 100% of your life. So... why the hell do you treat yourself like this? Why do you allow the most valuable person for you, yourself, to be insulted?

5. The need for protection from the aggressor

I recommend that you say goodbye to the role of the victim because this is the state you are in now. Let go of past grievances and destroy the idea that the world is imperfect. When you start feeling safe, you will not need this shell.

6. The figure is not consistent with the psychological essence

A good example is Oprah Winfrey. She is an energetic, persistent and strong woman, but she wants to wear an XS. There is a dissonance: where is the strong woman and where is the XS. It is those people who turn to psychologists with such a problem. Together with a professional, it will be easier for you to analyze your attitudes and honestly answer the question: what kind of woman is considered attractive? Do you meet these criteria?

7. Sexual restrictions

I'm talking about situations when you really want to but you can't do it as much as you would like... A hot and passionate nature wants to feel some pleasant pain and pleasure but the reality is not so vivid.

8. The desire to avoid romantic relationships.

The logic here is quite obvious: if a man has offended or humiliated you, we automatically label all men as bastards. So why do you need them, right? That's why you hide your body: to feel safe behind those extra pounds.

9. The desire to be liked by everyone

For example, this reflects beliefs like, "In order for me to be successful, I need to be attractive enough to have men's attention but not so attractive that women are jealous". "That is, a little fat," and you gain extra pounds.

10. Internal need to be similar or different from a certain person

This is especially true for parents or other close relatives. I think you understand this without further explanation.

Exploring your relationship with your parents in depth can reveal a lot about yourself. But for this, you need a guide and safety as usually people find all this in a psychologist's office. So please don't be afraid of such a partnership.

Now you understand how it works.

Being overweight is not just about pounds, it is something more.

For some people, it is a "lifeline", for others, it is unexpressed emotions, and for you, perhaps, a "protective suit"... I think you now understand that being overweight is also a psychological problem, and for many people, it is exclusively psychological. I have been helping people who are faced with psychological weight gain for many years and I know from my experience that it really works!

Be healthy and love yourself. Yours, Olena Ruta.

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