They will ruin any look! 7 models of shoes that have long gone out of fashion and become an anti-trend. Photo.

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A bad pair of shoes can ruin your look

Shoes are an important component of a complete look, as they affect your gait and comfort throughout the day, as well as the overall look of your outfit. A bad pair can ruin a look, or it can complete it.

To choose stylish shoes, you don't need to follow all the fashion shows. It is enough to know what shoes are out of fashion. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you which models are no longer relevant (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

On the platform

To visually lengthen the silhouette, but not to sacrifice comfort, many handsome men choose platform shoes, forgetting that they are no longer in fashion. There are many successful options with stable heels that will help you stretch out in height.


On the wedge

In 2023, wedge shoes look very rude. In addition, they are not much more comfortable than regular heels.


Excessive decor

Forget about colourful models with bows, rhinestones and inscriptions. They look cheap and distract attention from the outfit.


Open toe

With the onset of warm days, you should not return to open-toed shoes. It is better to replace them with sandals that do not chafe.


Neon colours

You need to be careful with bright shoes, because they look stylish only when the whole look is not saturated with unnecessary shades. Moreover, such a pair will not match all clothes, which makes it impractical.


High and chunky heels

In order not to overload the outfit, it is better not to choose high and chunky heels. Classic stilettos will look much more elegant.


Stilettos with a platform

It is better to hide uncomfortable and outdated stilettos in combination with a platform in the closet, because they have long been associated with vulgarity.


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