Students may be mobilised for war against Ukraine in occupied Mariupol: details emerge

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Students are going to be registered for military service

Due to significant losses, the Russian occupiers are looking for ways to replenish the ranks of Putin's army. In occupied Mariupol, students may be mobilised for the war against Ukraine.

To this end, the invaders are going to register them for military service. This was reported by the Mariupol City Council.

"Teachers of the occupied universities in Mariupol have received a message according to which they must notify students of the need to register for military service," the statement said.

The university said that in Mariupol, all male students "who are full-time students and have received Russian passports", "must report to the military registration and enlistment office". This refers to all men aged 18 to 60.

Thus, the Russians can prepare the ground for the mobilisation of Mariupol residents.

"They realise that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will soon launch a counter-offensive, so they need 'cannon fodder'. And Mariupol residents are of no value to the occupiers," the city council explained.


It should be noted that Russian military personnel in the temporarily occupied territory of southern Ukraine are already preparing for a counter-offensive by the Defence Forces. They have set up concrete triangles, known as "dragon's teeth", outside Mariupol towards Berdiansk.

At the same time, Russia lacks the forces to wage war in Ukraine, so the power of the aggressor country has already been transferred to the occupied Crimea. They are mobilising firefighters, rescuers and prison officers.

British intelligence believes that the aggressor country will fail in its plan to mobilise another 400,000 "volunteers" to fight in Ukraine. It will probably be a forced mobilisation.

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