"Star Wars, a ban on beards, and the insulting "kitty kitty": What Tunisia Surprises Tourists

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Not much is known to the world about Tunisia. It is a country somewhere in Africa, where it is hot almost all year round. And there are dates and camels everywhere. But this is not all that surprises foreign tourists. OBOZREVATEL selected a few interesting facts about this distant country.

Tunisia is considered the most democratic country in Africa. It is actively developing social and economic spheres, as well as the government has invested heavily in the development of tourism.

The country gained its greatest popularity during the release of the "Star Wars" saga. The film features a planet named after the large local province of Tatooine. By the way, many scenes of the film were filmed here.

Because of its unusual nature, Tunisia has become the setting for many iconic films such as "Indiana Jones", "Gladiator" and "The English Patient".

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The working day in Tunisia varies depending on the season. In summer it lasts from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., and in winter it lengthens by a few hours.

Young people dream of working in education and health care. It is very prestigious to be a teacher and a doctor. And the salaries in these positions are quite large, as for this region.

In Tunisia, men do not have the right to wear a beard if they do not have a mustache. This is enshrined at the legislative level and is controlled by law enforcement agencies.

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"Pussycat" in the country is better not to say. It's a sound that usually scares away cats and insults men.

Tunisians speak only "you" among themselves. They do not consider it offensive or inappropriate, even when addressing a manager or a teacher. The only "you" here is with the president.

There are date palms almost everywhere in Tunisia, but the locals rarely eat the sweet fruit of these trees. They are almost entirely exported and then sold to supermarkets in Europe and America.

The most favorite snack of Tunisians is the fresh fruit of large cacti. They are also used to make salads and desserts.

Women in the country are respected and treated with some indulgence. So they are never stopped or fined if they violate traffic rules.

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The country is still inhabited by members of wild tribes, who do not recognize the benefits of civilization and try to stay away from people. But some communities still welcome tourists and make money by demonstrating their rituals.

On the territory of Tunisia, there are many historical monuments. The most popular among tourists are the ruins of the ancient city of Carthage and the synagogue, which is over 2600 years old.

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Locals believe that the contours of their country resemble the silhouette of a pregnant woman.

There are far fewer foreigners coming to Tunisia than to Egypt or Turkey. But still, most of the income of the country is associated with this sphere.

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