"Magnets" for the supernatural: which zodiac signs most often become extrasensory individuals

Neptune, Mercury, and the Moon are associated with supernatural abilities

Psychics are individuals who possess the skills of divination, telepathy, and clairvoyance. They can communicate with spirits and perceive the destinies of others. A person can acquire this gift if they have strong placements in the eighth and twelfth houses.

The planets associated with supernatural abilities are the Moon, Mercury, and Neptune. Astrologers have informed us about which zodiac signs most frequently become psychics.


Mercury, the planet of communication, rules this zodiac sign. Geminis are more receptive to otherworldly signals and visions. They are inquisitive and always eager to learn something new, readily adapting to change.

This sign is drawn to mentally challenging subjects, and they find it hard to tolerate boredom.

Geminis are unafraid of being labeled as eccentric, so they can easily discuss unconventional topics.


This sign is governed by the eighth house, associated with death, secrets, rebirth, and espionage. Scorpios can perceive the universe's underlying structure, encountering demons and other spirits. They tend to seek out dark energy in everything and everyone, and they are naturally drawn to the supernatural.

Those born under this sign are very passionate, devoted, and enigmatic.

They usually maintain a reserved demeanor and do not readily reveal their emotions to others. Scorpios can also immediately sense when someone is lying or attempting to deceive them, thanks to their excellent intuition.


Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of visions and illusions. This sign possesses a high degree of sensitivity and an ability to empathize with others. They understand people's needs and desires, which makes them receptive to other energies.

Pisces may sometimes attempt to escape from a challenging reality, as they are sensitive to stress and may withdraw into themselves. However, they find solace in creativity, where they can express themselves.

This sign possesses a sixth sense and sharp intuition.

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