How to understand that your smartphone battery needs to be changed: 7 signs

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How to understand that your smartphone battery needs to be changed

Modern lithium-ion batteries wear out over time. The smartphone starts to discharge more often, the battery overheats, apps freeze and the gadget may suddenly turn off - this is an incomplete list of signs that indicate battery problems.

In some cases, it can even lead to a smartphone catching fire. OBOZREVATEL has collected seven main signs that will help you understand that it's time to change the battery.

Incomplete charging

The gadget should be charged to 100%. If after a long charge you see that the process does not go above 80-90%, it means that the battery is failing and cannot withstand the maximum value.

The device does not respond to charging

Sometimes it happens that the charging process simply does not work. First of all, make sure that the problem is not with the charger. If charging works on other gadgets, it means that the smartphone battery is out of order. It's time to buy a new one.

Battery swelling

If the battery suddenly increases in size, bring your smartphone and a service centre immediately. This is a very dangerous sign. There is a risk that the gadget may catch fire. You need to change the battery immediately.

Battery overheating

When charging, your smartphone battery may get a little warm, and this is normal. However, when the battery gets hot, it does not bode well. In this case, it is better to buy a new battery.

Automatic power off

Your smartphone may start switching on and off on its own. There can be many reasons for this: from problems with the operating system to problems with the battery. Contact a technician to solve the problem.

Your smartphone starts to slow down

If your smartphone used to work quickly and smoothly, you should be concerned if the system slows down. Errors may appear when displaying photos or videos, your smartphone may freeze, and some apps may not open at all.

Having ruled out the possibility of operating system malfunctions or incorrect updates, there is a chance that this is due to a battery problem.

A sharp decrease in charge

You put your phone on charge. The gadget is charged and shows 100%. After disconnecting from the outlet in the absence of active use, the battery capacity can drop sharply in a few hours. Do not hesitate, it's time to buy a new battery.

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