How to make your own candles without wax: еhe ingredients are in every kitchen

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The basis for a candle can be either salt or a regular potato.

In conditions of prolonged power outages it may happen that all the lights and garlands are discharged. In this case, a candle can save the day. But what to do if, say, all the candles are sold out in stores, and there was no stock at home?

OBOZREVATEL tells about two ways to make candles with your own hands from what you have in the kitchen.

Candle from vegetable oil and salt

To make a candle from vegetable oil and salt you will need:

  • Refined vegetable oil - so that there is no smell during combustion;
  • rock salt;
  • A non-floating container for the candle - a glass shot glass or a glass with thick walls, a jar, a tin, etc;
  • The material for the wick - toothpicks, cotton twine or specially purchased candle wick.

The candle is a candle of the same name, and the candle is a candle of the same name. In order to save money, it is possible to use oil on which something has already been fried, but in this case, the candle will emit a smell when it burns. And not necessarily a pleasant one.

Next, it is necessary to prepare a wick. From cotton twine or special material you just need to cut off a piece of the required length. With toothpicks will have to tinker. They will need to be connected with duct tape to make a long enough rod, and wrap it tightly with absorbent cotton.

The resulting wick with one end should be dipped in oil, and then insert the opposite end into the candle as deeply as possible. It is ready for use.

If you want, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to such a candle at the stage of mixing the base, and it will turn into an aromatic candle.

Potato candle

If you do not have a suitable jar or shot glass, the container for a candle can serve as an ordinary potato. What you need for it:

  • a shallow clay or glass bowl;
  • potato
  • wick;
  • refined oil.

First, pour about 100 ml of oil into a bowl. Next, cut a circle about 1 cm thick from the potato, though it can be a little thicker, and make a hole inside where the wick will be inserted.

Grease the potato circle and the wick and put a string or toothpick through the hole, so that it protrudes from the top by about 0.5 cm.

It remains to put the potatoes in a bowl with oil and light the improvised candle. According to a rough estimate, 100 ml of oil and a 3-5 cm long wick can burn and give light for up to 6 hours.

Previously OBOZREVATEL told how to make a trench candle from cardboard, paraffin and tin, which not only gives light, but can serve as a makeshift stove to heat water or heat food.

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