Flight attendant gave tips on how to get seats on the plane next to each other without paying extra

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You can get seats next to each other for free
You can get seats next to each other for free. Source: pexels.com.

Traveling abroad can be quite stressful, especially for travelers without experience or with small children. Thus, you should sit next to family or friends.

The Civil Aviation Authority says that parents should not have to pay for airplane seats next to their children. However, this is a recommendation, not a strict rule. Airlines predominantly charge extra when buying tickets if passengers want to sit next to each other. Flight attendant Jane Hawkes told The Express about the best ways to save money and travel next to loved ones without the extra cost.

"Just wait until boarding and tell the flight attendants that you'd like to travel together. Let airline staff ask other passengers near you to switch," flight attendant Hawkes shared the trick.

You could ask the companions to switch with you

Buying tickets as early as possible usually allows you to get not only the best seats but also to sit next to your companions. Even if check-in starts late at night or early in the morning, it's a good idea to set an alarm to make sure you get there in time.

Most airlines try to consider the needs of people who are traveling with someone else when allocating seats. Therefore, more often than not, a family or other group will separated if there are seats available. However, this is not a 100% guarantee. If you want to save money, you have to take a risk. Follow the rules of airline companies, because some of them allow you to book a seat on the plane for free immediately after paying for the ticket.

It's better to check in early for your flight

Membership in airline loyalty programs can give preference in seat selection based on status and membership level. Some airlines offer special fares with the possibility to reserve a seat for free. However, you need to calculate whether it is profitable to buy a ticket that includes bonuses in advance as it can be cheaper to pay for the service separately.

Airlines have special offers sometimes

For example, Ryanair offers to buy a family package, which includes free booking for children 12 years and under and the option to take extra luggage. However, the Value package is more favorable than the Regular fare if priority boarding, baggage and seat services are added separately. This can sometimes save a family more than 80 euros.

At the same time, Norwegian Air offers the LowFare+ fare as an improvement of the Standard fare. It includes seat reservations and baggage check-in for free instead of 25 euros.

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