Find the real dog: a puzzle that will easily lead you astray

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Puzzle with a dog

Optical illusions are designed to change our perception and make us look for non-standard ways to solve problems in different situations. Such tasks show how our brains actually work and perceive visual data.

Jagran Josh has published a difficult puzzle that will easily confuse you. Try to find the answer in 11 seconds.

The picture shows a woman with a leash who lost her dog in a store. You need to spot the real pet among the toys as quickly as possible.

Find the dog in 11 seconds

Focus on the task and look carefully at each part of the picture. Use your logical thinking and cognitive skills to spot the hidden dog.

Optical illusions test our understanding of contradictory or ambiguous information. Knowing how the brain responds to visual illusions can help you navigate life better. Puzzles can clarify how our minds and eyes perceive visual information.

If you found the dog in 11 seconds, you have a high IQ. But if you still couldn't spot the dog, the answer is circled in the picture below.

Puzzle solution

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published a puzzle that trains your eyesight, where you need to find white balls.

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