Chery's new electric car has a surprising $4,000 price tag. Photo

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Chery QQ
The compact QQ has been shown in an updated form. Source: Chery

The compact Chery QQ electric car has undergone an update. The budget model received an updated appearance and a surprisingly low price, which is a little more than 4,000 dollars for the base version.

The novelty was reported on the official website of the automaker. Despite the segment of extremely cheap electric cars, Chery QQ is sold about five times worse than the nearest competitor Wuling HongGuang Mini EV. Therefore, the company decided to restyle it.

They have improved the front part. The electric QQ remained recognizable but received a new decorative panel between the headlights and a different bumper.

Chery QQ

The bumper has also been replaced. There are new body colors and a different design of wheels. The quality of the trim was improved.

The basic Chery electric car is equipped with a 27 hp motor and a battery pack with a capacity of 9.4 kWh with a range of up to 120 km. If you choose a battery of 13.9 kWh, the mileage will increase to 170 km.

The top variant has a price of 6900 dollars. It received an increased power of 41 hp and a battery with a capacity of 17.4 kWh. The power reserve is equal to 205 km.

OBOZREVATEL earlier reported on a new Mercedes electric car, which hit the roads. The novelty promises to be interesting.

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