How long bread can be stored and how to avoid dangerous mold on it: expert advice

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How to avoid mold on bread
How to avoid mold on bread

One of the most popular products is bread, which is bought and eaten by almost everyone. It is worth noting that there are many types of bread, including bread without flour and yeast. But it is important to remember that this is also a perishable product, which "blooms" and becomes very dangerous.

Nutritionist Anastasiia (vit_anastasiia) shared on Instagram useful tips to help preserve bread, as well as the shelf life of the product to make it safe and how to avoid mold on the product.

How to properly store bread at home

1. What is the maximum shelf life of bread

How long can you store homemade bread

"Usually, for bread in a package, it's 3 days. If it contains brew or sourdough, then up to 7 days. After that, the bread starts to get stale," the expert said.

2. Where does the mold on the bread come from

How to avoid mold on bread

To begin with, mold is a colony of fungi that develops in a favorable environment.

"It is the increased amount at a humidity of more than 75% and a temperature of 20 to 30 degrees that causes mold on bread. It is important to know that in summer, mold can appear on the second day," the nutritionist explained.

3. What is the main cause of the mold

Homemade ciabatta

"The reason for the activity of the fungal colony is certain components in the bread. And this does not mean that colored mold is chemical. It all depends on which fungi are multiplying," the expert explained.

Recipe for homemade rye bread

It is important to distinguish between types, namely:

  • Green color – it needs yeast, fermented dairy products, and fruit. It does not like cold, it reproduces only in warmth.
  • Black – bread, fruits, vegetables. It grows in a humid environment.
  • Pink – usually occurs on food scraps.
  • White – it is more common on wood. Breadbaskets, plates. ⠀
Homemade delicious bread

"I remind you that we do not eat bread with mold. Do not cut off the affected area. Since the infected area is larger, it must be disposed of. Be sure to focus on the taste and smell. Sometimes you can't see the mold, but you can already tell by the smell," the nutritionist recommends.

4. How to avoid mold on bread

Bread with seeds

"First, you need to store it strictly according to the conditions on the label. Secondly, in summer, buy in stores that have ventilation and air conditioning. You can store it in the refrigerator, you can even freeze it, even the growth of mold slows down there, but it gets stale a little faster," the expert summarized.

How to properly store bread at home

It is also very important to know that bread should not be left in the package under the sun, as moisture does not evaporate and creates very favorable conditions for the development of mold.

Homemade bread

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