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For many women, clothes are not only a way to express themselves, but also an effective tool for correcting the figure. For example, they often choose dresses, pants, and other closet elements that put the right accents in the image to make the silhouette look fragile or sexy. Jeans are no exception to the rules, so fashionable in 2023 models narrow the waist and make ladies slimmer.

There are several options for stylish denim pants that are easy to style in any image, so jeans for yourself will find every beauty. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell which models you should pay attention to (to see photos, scroll to the end of the page).


Wide trousers, also called "klesh", will emphasize your hips and accentuate the narrowest part of your leg - the knee. This fashionable method visually make the figure slimmer.

Choose jeans with a high fit, no matter how fashionable were retro trends with the low waist. If there is no desire to open the abdomen, but want to figure "hourglass", this option will perfectly cope with the task.



Straight cut will not be tight on the legs, but will help hide the puffy hips. On the background of straight legs the waist will be more expressive, and high fit will help extend the silhouette. You can also pay attention to models with elongated pant legs.



Classic dark-colored skinnies will be in fashion for spring and summer 2023, although their popularity has decreased significantly over the past seasons. The skinny version of the jeans will help create a crisp look.

It is worth remembering that the best way to correct the figure are pants made of thick denim, which "tighten" the problem areas. Thin material will only emphasize skin irregularities and underwear, which will make the image sloppy.


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