NK X Atomic Otro Way: 10 facts about Nastya Kamenskykh's new video Moloko

NK X Atomic Otro Way. Source: press service of Nastya Kamenskykh

The singer's duet with the famous Dominican artist Atomic Otro Way is called Moloko. NK has exclusively premiered the track on popular world TV shows – Despierta America, Premier Impacto, and La voz de la mañana. Especially for OBOZ.UA, the singer shared some interesting facts about the video and the track.

NK X Atomic Otro Way: 10 facts about Nastya Kamenskykh's new video Moloko

1. The song Moloko was written several years ago. However, after the start of the full-scale invasion, like all Ukrainians, Nastya Kamenskykh put all her dreams on hold. But now the artist is returning to the realization of her plans in order to have more reasons to appear on the air of international top media to speak loudly about Ukraine to the whole world.

2. The incendiary track was created in a duet with Atomic Otro Way, a 29-year-old popular Dominican singer whose tracks on Spotify reach more than 100 million plays. The singer loves to mix cultures and is open to experiments in her work, which is why this bright collaboration appeared.

3. The video was created by an entirely Ukrainian team. It was created by a young director Liza Ruda, who has just started her career. NK admires how many new talents are emerging in Ukraine. She is inspired by the way people of different generations come together to create, and in this combination, everyone brings something unique. That's why the singer collaborates with young creative teams. The style for the video was created by Andriy Anikeev, who is known for his work with many Ukrainian stars.

4. The video took one day to complete. Due to the curfew, it was impossible to keep up with the schedule. The filming took place at a studio in the capital, near which a bomb shelter was equipped in case of alarms and missile threats. On the day of filming, the alarm was not sounded in the capital, so the actress and the crew managed to shoot everything on schedule.

5. All the scenery was created individually for this video. According to the set designers, the most difficult thing was to find a gallon of milk, as milk is sold in a different container in Ukraine. However, they managed to buy them at a hardware store. Glass milk bottles were brought to the set from the city of Stryi. And the basin in which the actress was poured milk came from Zaporizhzhia. The hay was brought from a real cow farm. The milk cans were also brought from a farm in the Kyiv region, they were in a terrible state, but the decorating team cleaned and repainted them. The boat had been waiting for its "finest hour" for seven or eight years, and for this video, it was specially repainted in pink. The effect of waves on the water, which was recreated with the help of textiles, was created by a huge number of wind blowers. The video used real milk, which was drunk by the characters and poured over the singer. More than 300 liters of milk were consumed during the entire filming.

6. The role of the milkman in the video was played by a young Ukrainian sex symbol, singer Ostrovskyi. For a long time, there were rumors in the media about a joint duet between the artists, and then even about a romance. But in the end, it turned out that Ostrovskyi became the main character of Kamensky's new video.

7. None of the images for Moloko's video were created based on references. Andriy Anikeev listened to the track, visualized the images and created sketches. The sketches were shown to the artist, after which they all approved the ideal version.

8. In the Moloko video, the singer tried on four images of legendary women: the temptress Cleopatra, modern Aphrodite, Venus of Milo, and Scheherazade.

9. The image of Aphrodite was created by hand; the skirt was embroidered with beads for the artist. The corset with its exaggerated wings was very uncomfortable, difficult to move in, and almost impossible to bend. Nevertheless, Kamenskykh stood up to all the challenges.

10. Venus's wet dress was hand-molded on a mannequin modeled after NK. It took twelve meters of fabric. Then the team spent four hours creating the required shape. It took a day for the dress to dry, and then it was put on the actress.

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