Madonna and Kylie Minogue unexpectedly sang a duet for March 8 and surprised fans from all over the world

Two pop stars Madonna and Kylie Minogue sang a duet

On March 7, American singer Madonna sang Gloria Gaynor's legendary song I Will Survive in a duet with Kylie Minogue during her Holiday Tour. The appearance of the stars on the same stage surprised fans, as they considered the singers to be rivals.

Introducing Minogue to the stage, Madonna called her a "very special guest" before hugging the Australian star. According to Yahoo!, the concert took place in Inglewood, New Jersey, USA, where the singers later performed the hit song Can't Get You Out of My Head.

"This is what we call survival. I'm honored to be here and sing with you... God bless you, never give up," Madonna said. In turn, Kylie Minogue later said that she felt "amazing" and said that this joint performance might not have happened, because both singers like to "take their time."

In X, she posted her gratitude to Madonna for the joint performance and concert with a video of her dancing in the aisle to Ray of Light. "Madonna, so much time has passed! I loved our time together. The holiday tour and International Women's Day. Thank you and love you!" she wrote.

Fans showered Kylie Minogue and the organizers of The Kia Forum in X with compliments. "This made me cry. Seeing them together as a symbol of survival and strength," "This is a historic moment," "Such a big surprise, omg! Queens," "The only two true queens of pop," they wrote.

As a true fan, Kylie paid tribute to Madonna and her fans by wearing a T-shirt with the pop icon's name on it. The star herself was dressed in cowboy boots, a leather jacket, and a hat.

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