For the adherents of "Who cares?" Two girlfriends from Kazakhstan, who learned Ukrainian perfectly in 2.5 years, became stars of the network

Two friends from Kazakhstan have learned Ukrainian perfectly in 2.5 years

The language issue in Ukraine is still an open question – although many Russian-speaking citizens consciously switched to Ukrainian after the full-scale invasion, some continued to speak the language of the enemy, using the narratives of "what's the difference" and "language has nothing to do with it." An example of such Ukrainians is two girlfriends from Almaty, Kazakhstan, who have been living in Ukraine for 2.5 years. During this time, they learned Ukrainian perfectly, and recently appeared in a video by Lviv blogger Nicholas Karma, to whom they demonstrated their knowledge.

The girls impressed the influencer with their Ukrainian, and after the video was published, they impressed all of his viewers. The video was posted on Nicholas Karma's Instagram page.

The blogger traditionally stopped passersby to ask how much their bows cost. That's how he met two friends from Kazakhstan. Before telling them about her outfit and its price, one of the girls immediately noticed: "I'm sorry, we're from Kazakhstan, so we won't be able to wear Ukrainian clothes like that."

However, if the girls had not mentioned that they were not from Ukraine, it would have been extremely difficult to understand their language.

The Kazakh women told Nicholas Karma about the cost of their bows. The girls looked stylish and sophisticated, but, which also surprised many, they did not spend all the money in the world on it, as is often the case with other characters in the blogger's videos. For example, one of the girls was wearing a trendy warm jacket for UAH 1500 from H&M and Carlo Pazolini boots for UAH 2000.

The other was walking around Lviv in a $50 fur coat (about 1900 UAH) and trendy pants from a Ukrainian brand for 1000 UAH.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Karma was impressed by how confidently and competently the girls from Kazakhstan spoke Ukrainian. They said that they were born and lived in Almaty all their lives, and have been in Ukraine, in particular, in Lviv, for the last 2.5 years.

"I would never have thought of it. But I speak Ukrainian worse! I can bend something. Thank you very much. Welcome to Ukraine again," the blogger addressed his interlocutors.

Ukrainians, meanwhile, have no qualms about leaving enthusiastic comments for the video's protagonists. They write, in particular, that the girls should become an example for those Ukrainian citizens who still speak Russian because they have been speaking this language since birth and are not going to change anything.

"Girls from another country have learned to speak Ukrainian, unlike some who were born in Ukraine and do not speak their native language. They are an example for many Ukrainians.", "Beautiful. They look like one in a million. Intelligence, education, and sophistication are their main jewelry. If only these beautiful young ladies could teach all our clumsy "what a difference this language makes" to speak Ukrainian, "The girls are great, they came from another country and learned our language, and some of them did not even learn 3 words in 2 years of full-scale war. The main thing is desire! And not excuses," - this and many other similar comments were written by netizens.

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