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Wives of dictators are always in the shadows
Wives of dictators are always in the shadows

The wives of dictators lead a private life, usually in the shadow of their egocentric husbands, and receive a lot of criticism for the actions of their elected representatives. The first ladies of totalitarian countries are always in the spotlight, and any public appearances or scandals are covered by the newspapers the next day.

However, some of the world's dictators' wives are fashion icons, fighting for women's rights and influencing the decisions of their rulers. Read more about the secrets of the tyrants' wives in the OBOZREVATEL article.

  • Syria: Asma al-Assad
Asma al-Assad is the first lady of Syria.

The wife of the Syrian dictator Asma al-Assad is Syrian by birth, but was born in London and met Bashar al-Assad there. She is called a very "European Muslim" because she does not cover her head, travels a lot and has not changed her British citizenship.

In the West, she has been nicknamed the "first lady of hell" because of the couple's lifestyle, while innocents are dying in Syria. The Syrian tyrant and his wife own a luxurious $1 billion palace in Damascus, ten miles from Eastern Ghouta, where pro-government forces are killing ordinary people.

  • Angola: Ana Paula dos Santos
Ana Paula dos Santos is the First Lady of Angola.

The wife of the President of Angola, Ana Paula dos Santos, is almost 20 years younger than her husband, João Laurence. The First Lady was a fashion model and flight attendant, and it was on the plane that she met the head of state. Ana Paula once outraged citizens by saying that the level of education in Angola was too low, so her son would study abroad. In addition, Ana tries to interfere in state business, which irritates officials because she does not understand it at all.

  • NORTH KOREA: Lee Seol-joo
Lee Sol-ju is the First Lady of the DPRK.

Lee Sol-ju is the first wife of a dictator in the history of the DPRK to go public. Despite living in one of the most isolated countries in the world, Lee stands out among her fellow countrywomen because of the way she dresses.

While most women in North Korea have to wear strict suits and be modest, the first lady allows herself to wear a skirt above the knee and heels. She is credited with influencing why Kim Jong-un lifted the ban on women wearing trousers, platform shoes and jewellery.

  • Jordan: Rania al-Abdullah
Rania Al-Abdullah is the First Lady of Jordan.

The wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan is a beauty icon for her subjects. Giorgio Armani called her the main muse of his life. She has given birth to three children, helps women to get an education and is involved in charity.

  • Cameroon: Chantal Biya
Chantal Biya is the First Lady of Cameroon.

First of all, the bright and extravagant First Lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya, surprises the public with her looks every time. She is 40 years younger than her husband Paul Biya. Chantal lives a luxurious social life: she participates in various meetings, gatherings and high-level events.

  • Swaziland: Ntando Dube
Ntando Dube is the wife of the President of Swaziland.

The 47-year-old King of Swaziland, Mswati III, has 15 wives, but Ntando Dube is the most public of them all. The media repeatedly reported that she had cheated on the King with the Minister of Justice and was therefore expelled from the royal palace.

  • Russia: Lyudmila Putina
Lyudmila Putina is the First Lady of the Russian Federation.

Former Russian First Lady Lyudmila Putina rarely appeared in public, even when she was married to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The couple announced their divorce in 2013, and Putin began to lead a private life. However, the couple divorced peacefully - the ex-wife still owns elite mansions near the Kremlin and villas in Europe.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about the new chosen one of Lyudmila Putina. Read here what the couple looks like and where they live.

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