Don't do that! What makeup mistakes make your eyes suffer and can diseases be transmitted through makeup

Failure to follow the rules can even lead to blindness

Mistakes when applying makeup can damage the eyes and even lead to blindness. To avoid negative consequences, you need to apply cosmetics very carefully, avoiding its contact with mucous membranes.

In addition, through cosmetics can be transmitted a number of dangerous diseases. How to make makeup without harming your health, read the article OBOZREVATEL.

What mistakes in makeup are harmful to the eyes

Bright makeup, poor manual dexterity, improper application technique, and eye friction increase the risk of cosmetic particles getting into the mucous membrane. This causes constant discomfort, especially if you wear contact lenses.

And it is recommended to wash away makeup with products based on oils, which do not violate the integrity of the tear film.



When applying mascara to your lashes, contact with your eyes is unavoidable. In people with high sensitivity, this can lead to allergic reactions and discomfort. In this case, you should give preference to hypoallergenic products without parabens and fragrances.



Eye shadows should be applied very carefully, avoiding contact with the mucous membranes of the eye. People with hypersensitivity should refuse liquid shadows that contain alcohol. And those who wear lenses should exclude cream shadows.



It is recommended to choose fat and soft pencils that clearly draw the line the first time. Using a hard lead can traumatize the delicate skin around the eyes because of excessive pressure. And a glitter pencil can cause eye irritation.


What diseases are transmitted through cosmetics

Various streptococcal and staphylococcal skin infections, eye diseases (conjunctivitis or blepharitis) and viral diseases (herpes, viral conjunctivitis, SARS and demodicosis) are often transmitted through cosmetic products.

Particularly dangerous are creamy textures: lipsticks, powders, foundations, pencils, sticks, which are a breeding ground for microbes. Therefore, it is desirable to use with a dispenser, which do not come into contact with the skin and mucous membranes.


Makeup tools should be disinfected regularly with chlorhexidine or other antiseptic. Brushes and sponges should be washed with soap and water and then soaked in a disinfectant solution for half an hour.

In addition, you should use the services of trusted beauticians and makeup artists who are responsible for the cleanliness of all tools. You can even bring your own set of brushes, if they are really good quality and there are enough of them.


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