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Charles III's Unsuccessful Romances.

Today no one doubts that the greatest love of Charles III has always been and remains Camilla. And if the monarchs' family had not opposed their relationship, they would have been together for many years. History knows no subjunctive mood. Thus, the then Prince, now King, was able to marry his beloved after numerous unsuccessful encounters and the infamous marriage with Diana Spencer.

The British press calls Charles's former girlfriends (there were about twenty of them) "Charlie's angels. We tell in the material OBOZREVATEL about the beauties who could become queens.

1. Lady Jane Wellesley

This is the daughter of the Duke of Wellington. She dated Charles III for one year. In the media Lady Jane Wellesley was called the future Princess of Wales, but the girl herself did not like it. Once she openly told reporters about this: "Do you really think I want to be queen? Because of the harsh phrase and disagreements about future plans, the couple broke up.


2. Sabrina Guinness.

This is a British-Irish television producer, with whom Prince Charles had only been dating for a short time at the time. They broke up after an argument at an event at Balmoral Castle. Soon, from the 1980s to the 1990s, Sabrina Guinness began to have affairs with Mick Jagger, Jack Nicholson, David Bowie and Rod Stewart.


3. Davina Sheffield

Charles was seriously interested in Davina, the granddaughter of the wealthy industrialist Lord McGowan. She constantly rejected his advances, because she was in love with James Beard, motorboat racer.

Soon the future king was able to win the heart of the blue-eyed blonde. He was even going to propose, but the press prevented this. Journalists learned from Byrd information that the chosen heir to the throne is no longer a virgin. In those years, the bride's innocence was obligatory in order to take the place of the companion of the future head of the kingdom.


4. Anne Wallace

His Majesty twice proposed to Anne Wallace, daughter of a wealthy Scottish landlord. Charles liked her fiery temper and ability to hunt. However, the girl refused. She resented the prince for bringing her to Queen Elizabeth II's 80th birthday party and partially ignored her while dancing with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Anne said: "I have never been treated so badly. You left me alone for the whole evening, so you'll have to be without me from now on."


5. Sarah Spencer

Diana's older sister Spencer could have become the future king's wife. After several months of meetings, the prince announced the wedding with Sarah, but it did not happen.

Once she gave an interview to a British tabloid, where she spoke frankly about her problems with alcohol, eating disorders and that she collects all the newspaper clippings mentioning her name. In addition, the elder Spencer stated that she had so many boyfriends before Charles, and she doesn't want to marry him. "I don't care if my chosen one is a trashman or the King of England," she added. These words offended the entire royal family, so the prince broke off the relationship.


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