Cargo shorts - at the peak of fashion in the summer of 2023: with what to wear to create an unconventional image. Photo

How to create a stylish look with cargo shorts


Cargo shorts are now at the peak of trend Olympus. Taking over the baton from the trendy pants of summer 2023, these shorts conquer the hearts of fashionistas with their convenience and practicality.

OBOZREVATEL tells with what to wear this fashionable closet item. It is very easy to create a stylish, casual image with these cardigan shorts.

American top model Emily Ratakowski, who was recently "caught" by paparazzi while walking with her son Sebastian, wears medium-fitting cargos with cropped tops.



The star put together a stylish look that is not hard to replicate. As you can see from the footage, Ratakovsky completed the outfit with laconic white sneakers and sunglasses.


However, you can put together your own image with fashionable cardo shorts, wearing them with a different top.

For example, the "alcoholic T-shirt", which today has flooded almost all the celebrities.

Will suit these shorts and a T-shirt with a print, which this season is also at the peak of popularity.


Choosing a top to the cargo shorts you should remember that their baggy silhouette and large pockets can add extra volume to the hips.

To balance the heavy "bottom" you can pick up to them a silhouette sweater or top.

To a more restrained variant of cargo shorts without excessive decor and bright details, you can wear more feminine corset tops or even a top made in the technique of the roof.


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