Army of Lovers leader calls Ukraine "Russia's future", driving Russians crazy

Alexander Bard from Army of Lovers pissed off Russians

The leader of the Swedish band Army of Lovers, as well as philosopher and openly gay man Alexander Bard, who was once adored in Russia, has not pleased his former fans with his vision of the world. The singer believes that Ukraine is the future of Russia and that Putin will eventually lead his people to the Middle Ages.

Angry Russians watched the interview on the Zygar channel and decided that the Bard condemned the war because he was gay, and called the artist a "cock." Russian citizens could not counter his words with anything but insults and swearing.

Instead, the Army of Lovers frontman expressed his opinion consistently and clearly. He said that he was surprised when Russian dictatorial president Vladimir Putin ordered an attack on Kyiv.

Army of Lovers leader calls Ukraine ''Russia's future'', driving Russians crazy

"And I was surprised how much Ukrainians resisted. I think Ukraine is still the future of Russia. It's time for the East Slavic culture to become liberal and democratic. And Ukraine has proven that it is possible. You can't say that Russians can't have a liberal democracy, given how closely they are related to Ukrainians, how similar they are. If Ukraine can become a democracy, so can Russia," Bard said.

The interviewer made a remark to his interlocutor because Ukrainians and Russians are mistakenly called "brotherly," while in fact a slave society has repeatedly shown that it is not worthy of comparison with brave Ukrainians.

"Many people may be offended by this perception. Nowadays, it is often said that these peoples are very different," Russian journalist Mikhail Zygar said.

"No, no, no. I live in Scandinavia. We have five Scandinavian countries that are very similar to each other. But we are proud to be Swedes, proud to be Norwegians, proud to be Danes. But most of the worst, most brutal conflicts in history have taken place between fraternal peoples," the philosopher said.

Fragments of the interview went viral in propaganda channels, where furious Russians were outraged that someone who did not share the "staple" views of leader Putin was talking about life in their country.

Army of Lovers leader calls Ukraine ''Russia's future'', driving Russians crazy

The artist was called a "piece of old s**t" and a "cock", demonstrating their homophobia, which the whole nation is proud of.

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