Oleksiy Len

Oleksiy Len

Ukrainian center for the NBA club Atlanta Hawks
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Short biography

OleksiyYurievych Len is a Ukrainian basketball player, a legionnaire in the NBA basketball team (NBA) Atlanta Hawks.

Brief biography of Oleksiy Len

Alexei Lan was born in Ukraine, in Lugansk region, in the city of Anthracite, June 16, 1993.

He started playing basketball at the age of ten, studied at a sports school and played for the team of Anthracite, and later, in 2006 - for the national team of Lugansk region. After playing at the Ukrainian Basketball Championship Len was invited to the higher sports school of Dnipro.

Later Len played for the youth basketball teams of Ukraine - in the age categories of 16 and 18. When Oleksiy Len turned seventeen, he signed a contract with Dnipro basketball club. In 2011, when the Dnipro basketball team became the champion of the Ukrainian Super League, Len won the title of the best center.

After that, in the same year 2011, Oleksiy Len moved to the United States of America. There he started playing for the University of Maryland University basketball team.

Two years later, in 2013, Len successfully passed the NBA draft and signed a contract with the Phoenix Suns. However, Len was able to fully perform for his new team only after missing the NBA Summer League, as he was forced to treat a serious leg injury.

In the end, he played in the Phoenix Suns basketball team until 2018 - then Len moved to the Atlanta Hawks, with whom he signed a two-year contract.

Alex Len statistics

Alex Len has played a total of 472 games in his career, as of 2019, with 412 of them in the NBA and 60 for his university team.

Personal life

Alexei Lan is not married. It is known that for a long time he dated American basketball player Essence Townsend.

Activity in the network

  • Twitter. On the official page of Alexei Lan in the social network Twitter is subscribed to more than sixteen thousand regular users.

  • Instagram. The appearance of fresh photos of Alexei Len in Instagram is followed by more than forty-two thousand subscribers.

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