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Do you understand the meaning of these words - Smart Eating Life? It's about a happy and not boring life! We-Darya and Sergey-are a family of financiers. We live and work in America, we are engaged in social, political (even were candidates for President), social activities, and most importantly, each other!

This channel is about delicious food from all over the world, which we cook in our New York and Kiev kitchen, about wines and champagnes, about cocktails (how to make them at home and with what to serve), about exciting trips. We go on them spontaneously and often.

In each new place we try first of all to understand its essence, mentality, peculiarities, to go through all the places that are NOT touristy. And most importantly to understand who these people are and how they live here.

Why are there hippies in the deserts of New Mexico? Why are there 10 rare Cadillacs dug into the ground in the middle of a field? Why are there so many Chinese in San Francisco? Why do our people think it's better to live in America? Why is the economy of the state of Texas 7 times bigger than the economy of the Russian Federation? And this is only about America ...

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